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Iago is the (former) secondary antagonist of the Aladdin franchise, later a secondary tritagonist. He is Jafar's (former) pet parrot and a royal menagerie in Agrabah.

In the TV show, it is mentioned that he has a twin brother named Othello.


Iago speaks English and can mimic other people's voices. He gets frustrated and impatient easily and often complains. Deep down, Iago is a good person and will do the right thing. One of the reasons he aided Jafar was because the Sultan fed him crackers, which he hated, which is ironic given parrots are usually portrayed as loving crackers. The first thing Iago did after Jafar took over as ruler of Agrabah was torment the Sultan by force-feeding him crackers.

Iago appears to be fond of Jasmine, being disappointed when he displeases her and his guilt for betraying her is what caused him to redeem himself and rescue Aladdin. However, in the first film, he compliments Jafar when he confines Jasmine in an hourglass.

Iago is willing to do anything to save his own skin, and his loyalties to Jafar may be out of fear, and he will do Jafar's dirty work. He likes making sarcastic jokes and is very greedy and gullible. Overall, Iago is a very comical character.


  • Iago is the only antagonist from Aladdin who appears in all three movies.
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