Inferno is a Predacon who works for Megatron. He was originally a Maximal protoform, reprogrammed into a Predacon when the Predacons intercepted his stasis pod. His beast form is a fire ant.

At first, Inferno believed his pod to be his "colony", and attacked the Predacons as well as the Maximals. After being blown to bits and repaired, Inferno recognized Megatron as his master and called him his queen, which annoyed Megatron.

Inferno took Scorponok's place as Megatron's second in command when Scorponok fell to his death in the lava pool. At the end of Season 2 (where most of the Predacons are seemingly killed), he was supposedly killed by an energon explosion, but although he was seemingly vaporized, he is shown to have survived in Season 3.

In the final episode of Season 3, Inferno was killed along with Quickstrike when Megatron (oblivious to their presence) used the weapons system of the Nemesis ship to shoot an energy wave at the village. His remains were later used by the protohumans in the final scene.


  • Beast Wars Metals toy bio In Japan, Scavenger's toy is presented as a Transmetal Inferno instead of a new character.
  • Games Beast Wars: Transformers video gameThis game takes place in an alternate version of the first season of the Beast Wars cartoon.Inferno is a playable character in the Predacon mode of this game, for both rescue missions and normal gameplay.Due to the nature of this game, a player may select various individual characters to perform the feats required in every level, and complete the game's narrative. Thus, any playable Maximal can fill the role of protagonist in Maximal Mode, and any playable Predacon can fill the role of protagonist in Predacon Mode. As such, each character's page only lists said character's actions when they fill the role of antagonist during gameplay. To view the various feats Inferno can accomplish throughout gameplay in Predacon Mode, it is told on the pages of the several Maximals included as opponents in this game, as well as the game's main antagonists, the Skriix, wherein Inferno fills the role of the nameless Predacon. To view the plot as a whole view the Beast Wars: Transformers (video game) page. Duel Fight Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Warriors' Strongest Decisive Battle video gameMegatron summoned Inferno to the battlefield in his attempts to acquire the super-powerful energon crystal. Duel Fight Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Warriors' Strongest Decisive Battle Toys Beast Wars  Have fun standing me up in insect mode!Inferno (Mega, 1997)Japanese ID number: D-11Accessories: Mandible claw, spring-loaded missile launcher, 2 insect-leg missilesInferno transforms into a red fire ant. His beast-mode mandibles can detach, concealing an arm-mounted missile launcher weapon which can fire either one of his rear insect legs. In robot mode, his beast mode abdomen splits open to form spinning blades surrounding a quad-jet thruster. The blades spin when a lever on the thruster is repeatedly pressed.This mold was also used to make Antagony.More information on Inferno at Cybershark vs Inferno: Hell Showdown (Vs pack, 1997)Japanese ID number: VS-11Accessories: Mandible claw, spring-loaded missile launcher, 2 insect-leg missilesIn Japan, Inferno was available both separately and in a "Hell Showdown" vs. pack with Cybershark. Both toys are identical to their individual Japanese releases.   Imagine a different name tampographed on his leg and we're good.Metals Inferno (Mega, 1999)Japanese ID number: D-46Metals Inferno is almost wholly identical to the Hasbro Mega-Transmetal Predacon Scavenger, only the name tampograph was changed from "SCAVENGER" to "DESTRON" with the faction sigil. He transforms into a robotic ant with a third "transport mode", a double-drill tank. The drills end up as his robot-mode hands, and spin using gear-wheels.More information on Metals Inferno (well, Scavenger, technically) at Showdown at the Ocean Bottom: Metals Depth Charge Vs. Metals Inferno (Multi-pack, 1999)Japanese ID number: VS-46During Beast Wars Metals, "Metals" Inferno was available both individually and in a double-pack with Depth Charge. Both toys were identical to their individual releases. Universe (2003)  There have been as many different Inferno characters as there have been uses of this moldInferno (Deluxe, 2003)Accessories: Left & right thrusters, 2 "flame" missilesA redeco of the Robots in Disguise Prowl toy in a deco similar to the Generation 1 character Red Alert, Inferno transforms into a "Fire Chief" Lamborghini Diablo. The toy features a pair of pressure-launch missile launchers, which attach to his car-mode spoiler or to his robot-mode forearm, as well as attaching to the car-mode's light bar in robot-mode to form a jet pack.Universe Inferno was originally supposed to be Red Alert. When the naming issue was brought up on Transformers brand designer Aaron Archer's Orson's World forum, he said that the "Inferno" name was a mistake that somehow passed and that it was too late to do anything about it. In an attempt to deal with the confusion, the biography 3H created for this toy to be used on Hasbro's Transformers website stated that this was an alternate universe version of Beast Wars Inferno, though, as stated above, the biography was never published.The same mold is used by Universe Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.More information on Universe Inferno at   "Inferno, Burninate!"Inferno (Scout-class, 2006)Accessories: Blade, keyThis redeco of Scrapmetal was only available in the customization class at BotCon 2006, along with Rumble. Parts were provided, but the individuals taking the class had to assemble and paint the toy themselves. For those who wish to reproduce Inferno at home, the following Testors paint colors were used: Gin Green, Bright Blue, Camouflage Gray, Flat White, Cobalt Blue, Deep Pearlescent Purple, Medium Gray, Armored Steel, and Flat Black.Inferno transforms into a four-legged "spider tank" with top-mounted cannon. Inserting a Cyber Key into the back end of the cannon swings a removable clear-plastic sawblade-sword from the main chamber of the cannon. In robot mode, the fists can be covered with the tank-mode spikes, or a "pile driver".This mold was also used to make the Cobybot.Merchandise   Beast Wars Transformers Mutating Card Game (1997)Inferno was one of the 24 beast warriors to receive a battle card representation for the Beast Wars card game. Robot Heroes  Reach for the sky—AND THEN BURRRRN IT!Tigatron / Inferno (2-pack, 2009)Part of the fifth wave of Universe Robot Heroes, Inferno is a mix of his original toy's design and the cartoon's depiction. He comes packaged with Tigatron.The US release of this two-pack has been cancelled, but it has been found in Singapore and Europe.More information on Inferno at TFU.infoNotes   BEST DEATH EVER. That guy in season three is, uh, actually Scavenger. Yeah.Hasbro originally intended Inferno to be the new body for Megatron. According to a 1997 interview conducted by fan HooksX, Bob Forward stated, "For a while there Hasbro was planning to make the Inferno toy the new Megatron. We were going to kill Megatron and bring him back as Inferno." The closest they got was in "Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2)" when Megatron and Inferno had a collision and swapped heads.No one knows exactly how Inferno's beast mode mentality became so dominant; there was no damage to the stasis pod, and Tarantulas's other reprogrammed Predacons don't have this problem. There's the possibility that the ant is a particularly obsessed species, and it overwhelms his other programming. Another possibility is an unexplained error on Tarantulas's part. The most likely explanation, however, comes from the episode Call of the Wild where Tigatron explains that a programming block prevents the merging of animal instincts with Maximal programming, but that this is a design flaw that allows the animal instincts to become more dominant the more they attempt to suppress them. Since Dinobot, a Maximal by choice and not program, is subject to and able to overcome the same problem as the others, it stands to reason that Inferno would also be subject to this particular design flaw. Therefore, if the ant's instincts are overwhelming Inferno, it may be due to this same programming block.Inferno quite clearly gets utterly vaporized in an energon explosion at the end of Season 2; the Madman Entertainment Season 2 DVD commentary states that Inferno was indeed meant to die in the scene. At the time of the episode's production, it wasn't known if Beast Wars would be renewed for a third season (the show's chief writers once stated at BotCon that they'd adopted a "kill 'em all, let Hasbro sort 'em out" attitude towards the show's season finales.) When the show was renewed, Inferno was brought back, looking charred but more or less intact.Like Waspinator, Inferno's beast mode is female, as male ants are winged drones, which Inferno, due to his lack of wings, clearly is not. So, like Waspinator (and to some extent Tigatron), he has the distinction of being a guy in a girl's body.It's unknown as to why Transmetal Scavenger, a toy clearly designed to be an upgraded Inferno, ended up not being Inferno except in Japan. Maybe Hasbro was just really keen on reclaiming the "Scavenger" trademark. Another theory is that since there were ant colonies of Inferno clogging store shelves (as Inferno had been shipped in a solid case), retailers wouldn't want even more Infernos, so Hasbro had the name changed. Ironically, colonies of Scavengers also formed, as the Transmetal was also shipped in a solid case. [1]Inferno's Universe mass-release and his wave-mate Ratchet were given the "group" name "Machine Robot Rescue", presumably in an attempt by Hasbro to block competitor Bandai from using the name for a potential importation of their Machine Robo Rescue toy series from Japan to the United States.In the Japanese dub of Beast Wars, all characters were given distinctive verbal tics. One of Inferno's involved ending sentences with the phrase de arimasu, an archaic phrase that has since been replaced by the more common desu and is only used in extremely formal situations. In Inferno's case, he uses it to illustrate his militaristic reverence for "the colony". Moreso, "ari" is Japanese for "ant", making the phrase work as a pun. Inferno's more incessant verbal tic involved endlessly repeating variations of the phrase gottsui zenkai (ごっつい全開, "Maximum Toughness") in a drone-like chant. Like every character, he would shout a phrase whenever he fired his weapon, in this case shageki (射撃, "Fire!").Foreign namesJapanese: Inferno (インフェルノ Inferuno)Italian: Formicula (toys), Formikon (cartoon)Spanish: Inferno (Spain) Infierno (America)
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