He was a student at Master Mao's temple and wielder of the Lion spirit. Jarrod was highly skilled and was selected to one of the guardians of Dai Shi's prison. Unfortunately, Jarrod's arrogance forced Master Mao to dismiss Jarrod and select Casey instead. After a brief battle with Master Mao, the chest accidentally opened and brought Dai Shi to the real world once again. Dai Shi defeated Master Mao. Jarrod ran off, Dai Shi saw his fear and took over Jarrod's body as a host. When Dai Shi became Phantom Beast King, Jarrod adopted a stronger Griffin form. Dai Shi told Jarrod that he lacked the heart of lion, he chose him because he hadn't a shred of nobility or kindness. Three Phantom Beast Generals were sent to kill Camille and he managed to destroy two of them. Casey believed in him and helped release him from Dai Shi. His Griffin armor was stripped from him by Dai Shi. He helped fight against Scorch and Snapper, but when asked to help in the final battle, he was ashamed of his deeds and who he was and believed there was no going back. It was until Camille left to help, that he finally got the courage to stand up to Dai Shi. After the final battle, he was a student in Casey's class in the Phi Zhaq academy who could also assist.

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