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Become leader of the rats and force them to remain in the rose bush


Stabbed and killed by Sullivan

Jenner is the main animal antagonist of the 1982 adaptation of Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH, then titled The Secret of NIMH. He is an evil rat of NIMH who wanted to kill Nicodemus, to pressure the colony into staying in the rosebush with him.

Personality Edit

Jenner is a mean spirited rat who wanted to kill Nicodemus and become leader of the rats.

Role in the film Edit

Jenner first meets Mrs. Brisby when she comes to the rats, asking for their help in relocating her home. Jenner soon schemes with his friend, Sullivan, to kill the rat's leader, Nicodemus, who intends for the rats to relocate as well, something Jenner disagrees with. He convinces the council to help move the Brisby home, secretly planning to use this as an opportunity to kill Nicodemus.

As Mrs. Brisby and Nicodemus sail on a boat, Jenner confides with Sullivan to cut the ropes lifting the Brisby home and use it to crush Nicodemus to death. Sullivan is hesitant to assist Jenner in his plans, but Jenner nevertheless carries out the act and successfully murders Nicodemus. Jenner then takes the opportunity to declare himself the new ruler of the rats and attempts to convince them to remain in the rose bush. However, Mrs. Brisby explains that NIMH will be coming to destroy the rose bush and that they must leave, and a furious Jenner attempts to kill her.

Justin, the head of the guards, rushes to stop Jenner, who notices Mrs. Brisby is wearing a magical necklace given to her by Nicodemus. Jenner quickly attacks her again, wanting the necklace for himself, and tries to kill Justin when he intervenes. Sullivan, having had a change of heart, gives Justin his sword, but is promptly struck down by Jenner. The two rats then engage in a sword fight, during which Jenner admits to having killed Nicodemus. Jenner manages to gain the upper hand in their fight and prepares to kill Justin, but is stabbed and wounded by Justin.

Justin relents on killing Jenner in spite of his actions, and announces to the rats that they will move out of the rose bush. However, a furious Jenner sneaks up on Justin and attempts to strike him down while he's distracted, but an dying Sullivan hurls a knife into Jenner's back, killing him.

Trivia Edit

  • Jenner is somewhat similar to Scar from The Lion King: They both had black fur, both used the female leads as pawns in their plans, (Jenner: Brisby, Scar: Nala), committed tragic murders to the old rulers and claimed it to be an accident, (Jenner: Nicodemus, Scar: Mufasa), outright admitted to those murders when confronted by the heroes, (Jenner: Justin, Scar: Simba) and got dispatched by their henchmen. (Jenner: Sullivan, Scar: Hyenas).
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