Jennifer Check
Jennifer Check

Full Name

Jennifer Check


Jenny, Jen


Feed off of other humans to remain alive


Stabbed to death by her best friend Anita

Jennifer Check is the titular and main villain in the 2009 black comedy-horror film Jennifer's Body. She is a teenage girl and best friends with Anita "Needy" Lesnicki. Jennifer was possessed by a demon after she was sacrificed to Satan under the assumption she was a virgin, and must feed on human flesh to remain alive. Jennifer lives in a town in the United States called Devil's Kettle. She is portrayed by Megan Fox.


Before being possessed, Jennifer was rude to Needy despite being friends with her, and stole her toys and poured lemonade on her bed. She easily controlled Needy. Jennifer often seduced people to get what she wanted, including getting drugs. Jennifer has dated several boys. Jennifer groped Needy at one point during a concert shortly before she was possessed.

After her possession, she acted as if she was fine, but murdered two teenage boys. When Needy became suspicious of her, Jennifer seduced her. Jennifer still tried to remain friends with her, but after Needy tried to stop her from killing more people, Jennifer got tired of her and finally tried to kill her. But she still kept her BFF necklace, which led to her defeat when Needy took it off, shocking her enough for Needy to kill her.


009JNB Emma Gallello 001

Jennifer as a young girl

As a young girl, Jennifer was of average size and appearance. She had fair skin and was a brunette, with very long hair, and had red lips. Jennifer's eyes were light blue. As a child, Jennifer was shown wearing a red jacket.

As a teenager, Jennifer was tall and slender, and pale. She was very attractive, loved for her beauty by nearly all the boys at school. She had large hips and painted nails. She used her beauty to get many boys to go out with her, as well as to get drinks despite being underaged. After her possession, she could seduce both boys and girls so she could feed on them, even seducing Needy at one point so she could make love with her. When she went into demon mode to feed, her eyes turned yellow and she grew sharp piranha-like teeth, which she used to rip into the flesh of her vitims.



Jennifer and Needy at the concert before her possession

Friends with Needy since they were little kids, Jennifer and Needy both grew into teenagers, and Jennifer had become more popular than Needy. Jennifer became a flag girl while Needy became a nerd that Jennifer kept around. One night, Jennifer brought Needy to a concert for Low Shoulder, a rock band. There, Jennifer got drugs despite being underaged, and tried to tempt Needy to do the same, fondling her. While watching Low Shoulder, a fire mysteriously started and killed some of the patrons, and Low Shoulder took Jennifer, apparently to save her, while Needy got to safety at home.

After reaching home, Needy called her boyfriend Colin, when she heard Jennifer come in. Jennifer was covered in blood, and searched the fridge and tried to eat chicken, but was unable to digest it and vomitted it out, and shoved Needy into a wall and left the house.At school, Jennifer appeared to be normal, and blew off Needy's concerns. While at home after school, Jennifer called Needy on the phone and proclaimed herself a god, and lit a lighter under her toung, which did not burn. Jennifer went on to murder of football captain by leading him into the forest and disembowling him. The teacher finds his dead body, and the school is shocked and saddened by his death.


Jennifer seducing Needy

After one month, Jennifer strikes again and murders goth Colin after luring him into an abandoned house. Needy, who slept with Colin, suspected something was wrong and drove to her house, and nearly hit Jennifer on the way. Jennifer snuck into Needy's house and hid in her bed, and when Needy was about to go to sleep, Jennifer got out of bed and surprised her. Needy ordered Jennifer to leave, but Jennifer instead took off Needy's glasses, pulled her hair, and kissed her. Needy, now seduced, fell on Jennifer and Jennifer made out her and tried to pull off Needy's shirt. Needy snapped back into reality right as Jennifer was taking off her shirt, and managed to free herself from Jennifer's hold. Jennifer got up and explained to Needy what really happened when Low Shoulder took her away.

Low Shoulder, believing Jennifer to be a virgin, took Jennifer out to the forests to sacrifice her to Satan in exchange for fame and popularity. After a failed attempt at escaping, Jennifer lied to them and said she was a virgin, believing they would let her go after that. Instead, Low Shoulder sacrificed her and brutally stabbed her. But she wasn't a virgin, and was possessed by a succubus. She found herself still alive and went to Needy's house to eat, but left and came across a homeless man that she killed and hid his body in the woods. Needy threatens to call the police, but Jennifer reminds her than they won't believe her and she jumps out the window and leaves. Needy still tries to stop her and does some research on the succubus, finding out they are weak if they don't feed on humans. The Spring Formal is coming up, and Needy worries that Jennifer will attack everyone there, and tells Chip, but he is unsure about her claims.

Kill-shots-690-image gallery 2707 jennifers-body-megan-fox

Jennifer's death

Jennifer tells Chip that Needy cheated on him with Colin, and seduces him and leads him into a pool, where she bites him in the neck. Needy finds them in the pool and attacks Jennifer, jumping on her and dunks her head underwater. As Needy swims to Chip, Jennifer resurfaces and vomits on Needy. Needy climbs out of the pool and gets into an arguement with Jennifer, who threatens to eat Needy's soul. As Jennifer approaches Needy to attack, Chip stabs her. It doesn't kill her, but it does drive her away. After Chip dies of his wounds, Needy takes a box-cutter knife and breaks into Jennifer's room and pins her to the bed, but Jennifer retaliates by biting Needy on the arm. Jennifer flies into the air with Needy on top of her, and spins Needy around. Needy sees Jennifer's BFF necklace and pulls it off, shocking Jennifer, who falls onto bed and Needy lands on her and stabs her in the heart with the knife, killing her. After Jennifer's death, Needy is sent to prison, but, having been turned into a succubus by Jennifer, escapes and kills Low Shoulder.

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