Jestro is the main, later secondary antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist of the Lego TV show Nexo Knights. He is voiced by Vincent Tong.

Nexo Knights

Season 1

He was once the loyal jester of his kingdom, until he was humiliated during his performance. Angered, he goes deep inside the castle where he notices The Book of Monsters, realizing this, the book decides to use this for his advantage by turning him evil, which he succeeds. They summon monsters in order to destroy the castle, but are stopped by Merlock the wizard who blasts them away, which destroys his body in the process. Afterwards, Clay, the one who found out about Jestro's plans, and his four friends decide to become the heroes of Knighton and stop the evil duo before its too late.

They duo then decide to gain an advantage by collecting evil books that the book of monsters will eat and summmon even more powerful monsters in the following episodes. They manage to get the books of chaos, deception and many others. This not only makes the book powerful, but turns Jestro completely insane and evil. In the season finale: The Book of Total Badness and The Might and the Magic, they manage to defeat the Knights and start an invasion. However, Clay (the main one) manages to harness the full power of his Nexo shield thanks to Merlock (whose mind was transferred inside their main computer) and manages to blast them out of the kingdom.

Season 2

In Back to School, The Nexo Knights return to the Knights Academy partly to get re-educated under the headmaster Sir Bricklyn and partly because Jestro and the Book of Monsters are after another spellbook that is located there. The education does not go easily for the Nexo Knights, they leap at the opportunity when Jestro and the Book of Monsters unleash the Lava Monsters on the Knights Academy. Although the Nexo Knights were successful at preventing Jestro and the Book of Monsters from stealing the spellbook, Jestro managed to steal a snowglobe that Merlok gave to Sir Brickly for safekeeping. When Jestro breaks the snowglobe, it turned out to contain a monster castle that Merlok had shrunk and sealed away many years ago.

In Greed is Good? The Nexo Knights attend a party hosted by Lance's parents in the extremely wealthy town of Arrindale. Unfortunately, Jestro feeds the Book of Greed to the Book of Monsters to make the Lava Monster Army (who are now led by the newly-summoned General Magmar) so greedy, that they steal all of The Richmond's riches (much to Lance's sorrow) along with both of Lance's parents. However, Lance is not as willing to save his parents as they forced him to become a knight in his childhood while Lance wanted to be a celebrity. Meanwhile, Lance's parents believe that Jestro's Lava Monster Army are servants at a spa and as such are completely oblivious of their imprisonment much to the annoyance of the Book of Monsters and General Magmar. This makes Jestro more then willing to return them.

In The Book of Obsession, The Book of Monsters plans to consume a limited edition copy of a Ned Knightley comic book, which will guarded by the Nexo Knights until it is won at a costume contest at Knight-A-Con (this show's parody of San Diego Comic Con). Robin is also attending the convention using his newly designed Mini-trex (a miniature version of the Fortrex). When General Magmar gets impatient with Jestro's plan to blend in with the attendees, he launches an all out attack on Knight-A-Con which causes the comic book to get lost in a crowd of terrorized attendees. Fortunately, the Mini-trex is able to extend the range of the the Nexo Knights' connection to Merlok 2.0, allowing them to obtain their Nexo Powers and find the book. Because of this, Robin wins first prize at the costume contest and thus, he and the Nexo Knights get to keep the comic.

In Open Mic Knight, Jestro and the Book of Monsters attend a gig in the village of Laughton where they pose as comedians. The Nexo Knights also attend and to their surprise, they actually find Jestro hilarious, even attempting to convince Jestro to change his evil ways. However, Jestro's idol Jokes Knightley kidnaps the Book of Monsters in order to steal Jestro's act, courtesy of the last evil spellbook called the Book of Betrayal. When the Nexo Knights find the Book of Monsters, it becomes a mad battle for the Book of Betrayal which eventually falls into the hands of Jestro. Not knowing what to do, Jestro runs into the woods and hands the Book of Betrayal to an unseen individual. Evil laughter is soon heard afterwards.

In The Fortrex and the Furious, we reccap from the  previous episode, the figure who Jestro gave the Book of Betrayal to is revealed to be Clay, who takes Jestro to the Fortrex. When the Book of Monsters attempts to gain the Book of Betrayal and Jestro, the Nexo Knights split up as a diversion until Clay is cornered. Now fully reformed, Jestro sacrifices himself so Clay can escape with the Book of Betrayal. The Nexo Knights then stage a rescue mission to save Jestro from the volcano lair where the Book of Monsters reveals his true plans. He was once the dark necromancer Monstrux until Merlok divided his powers and evil among twelve spellbooks with his physical form being turned into one of them. The Book of Monsters used Jestro in order to return to his normal form and chains him in his "Dark Arena" waiting for the Book of Betrayal to corrupt the Nexo Knights. Unfortunately, Clay has already succumbed to its power and begins to bring the Book of Betrayal to to The Book of Monsters.

In Kingdom of Heroes, Clay hands The Book of Betrayal not because he was corrupted, but to exchange it for Jestro's freedom. The Book of Monsters makes the deal and frees Jestro, but chains Clay in his place so that the Book of Monsters can return to human form. Meanwhile, the other Knights follow Clay to the Book of Monsters' lair, but are overwhelmed by the Lava Monster army and reluctantly follow Jestro through the death trap-filled backdoor entrance. Upon reaching Clay, the Book of Monsters nearly completes the ceremony, but Jestro and the Nexo Knights hold him off long enough for Robin to hand Clay Merlok and Techcaliber, which Clay feeds to the Book of Monsters. Overwhelmed by Merlok's power, the Book of Monsters explodes into energy, destroying him once and for all and curing Jestro of the Book of Evil's effects. Merlok is presumably destroyed as well, but when Robin replaces Techcaliber's motherboard, he is revealed to have survived and the Nexo Knights celebrate their victory with the rest of the kingdom. When Jestro looks at the sky, he sees the face of the Book of Monsters, implying the survival of his spirit.

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