Johnny J. Worthington
[[Johnny J Worthington III MU|250px]]
Johnny J. Worthington

Full Name

Johnny J. Worthington, III


The Jaw


Win the scare games and humiliate OK.


Gets thrown out of MU after Sulley refuses to come back to they team and leaving them with one member less.

Johnny J. Worthington III, also known as "The Jaw", is the main antagonist in Monsters University. He is the arrogant leader of Roar Omega Roar and Chet Alexander's boss, he was also Randall Boggs' former boss and friend.


Monsters UniversityEdit

In Monsters University, Johnny first meets Sulley and Mike. He puts Mike into Oozma Kappa because he knows that Sulley will win the Scare Games. Sulley and Johnny try to get rid of Mike, but they don't succeed, and because of that, Sulley gets knocked out of Oozma Kappa.

Johnny always tries to believe that Oozma Kappa lost, but they later become nearly as good as Roar Omega Roar. So Johnny and his crew invite Oozma Kappa to a party that will actually be their doom. Johnny says in front of everyone how good Oozma Kappa did in the Scare Games and invited them to the stage. When Oozma Kappa were on the stage, Johnny told his minions to spill paint, glitter, and flowers on them as a dirty prank. Mike thought Randy was going to help them, but instead, he split stuffed bunny dolls on them as revenge for Sulley and Mike spilling cupcakes on his face, then Chet took a picture of them.

Eventually, Johnny opened a shop and every product he sold had the embarrassing picture of the party last night on it. Oozma Kappa were lost until they won in some more races. Johnny and his crew were hopeless and angry and they hoped to win the final race. In the last race, Roar Omega Roar failed and Randall was such a failure that he got thrown out of Roar Omega Roar.

In the final battle, Johnny is sure to win this time and beat his rival Mike. However, Mike ended up winning and Oozma Kappa won the race. Johnny tries to bring Sulley back to Roar Omega Roar because he was better than Randall, but he refuses and turns away with his new friend Mike, betraying Johnny and his team and forcing them to leave Monsters University. it was believed that his minions then reformed, Randy Boggs worked in Monsters Inc., and Johnny Worthington worked in Fear go.

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