Junior Wetworth is also one of the main characters in the series. He comes across as villain-like throughout the first two seasons. He mellowed down during the last two seasons, following Bigweed and Lil Seaweed replacing him as the real main villains. Junior probably has the most character development of any character in "The Snorks."


Junior was born as Wellington Wetworth Junior inSnorkland. His father is Governor Wetworth, and his mother is the First Lady of Snorkland, and the co-chair snork of COWS, Committee Of Women Snorks (Up, Up and Awave). While his father was campaigning for Governor of Snorkland, Junior became best friends withAllstar. At the time, he was being bullied by Moose, so Allstar taught him to stand up for himself. Their friendship abruptly ended when it got to his head (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth). In junior high, Junior owned Occyand trained him to be an "attack puppy." He later disowned him for not obeying his commands (Junior's Octopuppy). But deep down, Junior is kind, caring, and warm-hearted.


Junior is often described as a spoiled snob. He is vicious in Seasons 1 and2, but becomes nicer in Seasons 3 and 4. He supposedly changed his ways on Casey's birthday (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth). Still, he is rude towards others, especially Allstar. He is the one learning many lessons in episodes. He has a very high ego, and wants to be very rich. He has even practiced campaigning for governor, which once caused him to get sucked into an alternative future. As a result, he learned he should treat others with respect if he wants to be governor someday (The Shape Of Snorks To Come).


Governor Wetworth

Junior takes after his father, Governor Wetworth. They even get involved in Allstar's adventures, mainly to sabotage him and his friends. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong, Junior gets severely punished (Which Snork Snitched, Das Boot, The King of Kelp).


Junior is Willie Wetworth's older brother. Although Willie looks up to him, and wants to play with him, Junior will treat him poorly, put him down, and occasionally use him.

Grandpa Wetworth

Junior is very close to his grandfather, and takes up after him.


After Junior disowned Occy, he and Occy began to have a really rocky relationship. Whenever Junior's around, Occy will growl at him and chase him around.


In Seasons 3 and 4, Junior appeared to have a crush on Daffney. In fact, after Dimmy disappeared from the show, Junior and Daffney were frequently paired with each other, sometimes gaining more attention than the Allstar and Casey pairing.


In Seasons 1 and 2, Junior had a huge crush on his frenemy, Casey. He would often stalk and tease her because of it. He even disguised himself as Tooter just so he could go to the Prom with her (Snorkdance).


Junior and Allstar used to be friends when they were younger, but now are rivals in the first two seasons, then frenemies in the last two seasons. He often calls him "Allwet," and tries to outperform him at everything he does. He is often jealous of Allstar, especially in the earlier episodes when it came to Casey. But in "Allstar's Last Hour," Casey says that he cares about Allstar.


Junior is an orange colored snork with bluish hair. He is often seen wearing a fancy blue and white suit, and will occasionally wear a hat.


Junior's voice is very high, and sounds almost tough. There are even hints of a New Jersey/New York accent when he speaks.


  • Junior has been known to cheat at games and competitions (Which Snork Snitched; Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't; The King of Kelp; Up, Up and Awave)
  • He has the tendency to exaggerate as well (Das Boot)
  • He is constantly hunting for treasure (Snork Marks the Spot, The Boo Lagoon, All's Whale That Ends Whale, Salmon Chanted Evening, In Greed We Trust)
  • He plays the snorkaphone really well (Snorkymania)
  • He gets upset if Allstar beats him at something (The King of Kelp, Battle Of the Gadgets)
  • He has made fun of Daffney for her "body image" (The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze)
  • Junior once owned a stuffed turtle, but Willie donated it to the Snorkland Toy Drive. After being unable to sleep and get the turtle back, Junior bought himself a stuffed seahorse (Junior's Secret)
  • He once disguised himself as the "Phantom of the Playhouse" in order to get Allstar's role in the play (Summer and Snork)
  • He wanted to starve a wolf-fish one time (A Snork On the Wild Side)
  • He has been seen flirting with many girls, and may be considered a womanizer (Snorkdance, Snorkin' Surf Party, Allstar's Double Trouble, The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth, Snorkerella, Taming Of The Snork)
  • He frequently makes fun of Tooter (Snorkdance, The Whole Toot and Nothing But...)
  • At one point, he thought kelp-helpers were "lazy slime-eaters" (It's Just a Matter of Slime)
  • Junior once ran for class president against Casey, even going as far as bribing everyone with food just so his peers would vote for him - he was later dethroned because he became "too powerful" (Junior's Empire)
  • He was once able to change Princess Sharif from being nasty to nice, and even fell for her (Taming Of The Snork)
  • He once cloned himself multiple times so he could earn more money (Day Of the Juniors)
  • He once owned a statue of himself (Dr. Strangesnork's Bomb)
  • He once sold ruby kelp and called it "fuel" just so he could earn money (Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush)
  • Junior once had a double named Ditto (In Junior's Image)
  • He has saved the day in several Season 4 episodes (Battle Of the Gadgets, The Wizard Of Ice)
  • He will get a rash and itch whenever someone mentions "work" or "job" (Robin Snork)
  • Junior is allergic to algae. (It's Just a Matter of Slime)
  • Junior is voiced by Barry Gordon who also voices the Nestle "Quick" Rabbit and Donatello inTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Junior is very similar to Gaston from the classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast - both are very arrogant and self-concieted, abuse a smaller sidekick-ish character (LeFou for Gaston, Willie for Junior); stalk a beautiful girl they want for a girlfriend (Belle for Gaston, Casey for Junior); have a rival for her affections (Beast for Gaston, Allstar for Junior); and instead are dreamed over by girls they DON'T want (Bimbettes for Gaston, Matilda for Junior).
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