In the Earth realm, he could achieve elite status, using his strength, temper, and general disregard for the law, all in his quest for money and power. In Outworld, however, he was nothing more than a minion, a weak, pathetic fool that would get himself killed all too easily. Kano (Trevor Goddard) never had much of a chance once he stepped onto that rickety, old, Dragon-shaped boat. All he wanted to do was lead Sonya Blade into another unfamiliar situation where he could have the upper hand, taunt her about her partner's death (which he caused), and try to kill her once and for all. As shapely and beautiful as Sonya was, Kano certainly wouldn't mind having a close, physical altercation with her before doing her in. Fighting her in the Mortal Kombat tournatment to decide who will control the Earth realm, however, was not what he had in mind. He was rude, crude, and disgusting, and had no table manners whatsoever. So, it's no wonder that Shang Tsung, the evil sorcerer behind the tournament, saw limited usefulness in the mercenary. Sending him out to fight Sonya was merely a chance for some entertainment. Either way, the tournament would hinge on the performance of one of the stronger fighters, namely Liu Kang. For Kano, though, once he entered Outworld and his personal vendetta with Sonya became fodder for the tournament, he was in way over his head.

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