Kilobyte Kilobyte is Venjix's most fearsome creation, he had been walking through the wasteland to get to Venjix's base. He knew the secret about Tenaya and constantly was a torn in her side. He is much more intelligent and cunning than even General Shifter. When Shifter was vanished and Tenaya deflected, he was assigned leading general. He kidnapped Tenaya personally and reprogrammed her into the obeying Tenaya 15. Kilobyte fought the Rangers personally and grew to enormous height, but was defeated by the RPM Ultrazord. Venjix was disappointed at Kilobyte by that point, Kilobyte fought his attention by activating Hicks as a hybrid, but it just angered Venjix more. Kilobyte tried deleting Tenaya but he was destroyed by the Road Blaster, not before knocking Dillon into a coma.