King Jellyjam
King Jellyjam

Full Name

King Jellyjam


The Master


Enslave the children at Camp Jellyjam


Suffocates to death from his own smell

King Jellyjam is the main villain from R.L. Stine's Goosebumps book, The Horror at Camp Jellyjam. He was the mascot for Camp Jellyjam, but was really a giant monster who hypnotised the camp counselors at Camp Jellyjam.


Whenever a child at Camp Jellyjam won six gold medals, they would walk the Winners Walk and later disappear. In reality, they would be made slaves to wash King Jellyjam, who was so smelly he would suffocate to death from his own smell if he wasn't washed. One of the children, Alicia, tries to warn newcomer Wendy about the danger before having to return to Jellyjam. Another of Wendy's friends, Diedre, gets six medals and disappears as well, causing Wendy to confront camp counselor Buddy about their disappearances, but is met with little answers.

Wendy later follows the counselors into a theatre, where Buddy hypnotizes the counselors and himself to serve Jellyjam. After unintentionally revealing her presence, she retreats the the basement, where she finds dozens of children washing Jellyjam. Diedre explains to her that he can't stand his own smell and he will eat them if they stop working. Wendy escapes before Jellyjam notices. The very next day, she and her brother Elliot, return to the basement and Wendy tells the children to stop washing him and stay flat on the ground. They comply, and Jellyjam can't grab them because his fingers are to thick. Furious, he tries to eat Wendy, but soon suffocates and dies from his smell, saving the children at the camp.

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