King Nixel is the main antagonist in the Mixels franchise. He is a powerful tyrant and the Mixel's arch-nemesis

ruler of the Nixels. King Nixel hates fun and creativity, and he wants to rid the world of it. He often sends Major Nixel to raid Mixels Land and steal all the Cubits so the Mixels can't fight back. King Nixel made no appearance at all in the first season of the show; his first appearance was in the special Mixel Moon Madness. At the end of the episode, Major Nixel is seen reporting Mixels on Mixel Moon to King Nixel, resulting in him shouting angrily. Major Nixel is very afraid of King Nixel. He later appears in the episode A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig as the main antagonist.

Mixel Rush

Under the King, Major Nixel unleashed a Nixelstorm on the Mixels, in order to separate them from each other. This plan backfired, however, and the Major was defeated too many times. King Nixel then decided to take control of the Cloud Ship himself, but even that failed and it crashed into the Swamplands.

Mixels (TV series)

King Nixel was fully revealed in the tv show special A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig. Fed up with Major Nixel's constant failures, King Nixel announces that he wants to take matters into his own hands. King Nixel's plan takes on a different and smarter strategy; rather than trying to steal the Mixels' Cubits, he wants to gather them up into one spot and then capture and destroy the Mixels. To do this, King Nixel creates a hoax involving a treasure called the "Mixamajig" that can only be found by "the chosen one." The chosen one being the Mixel who is given the magic key to the treasure. In reality, several Mixels were given a key, so when all the Mixels arrive at the spot the keys led them to, a portal between Mixels Land and Nixels Land, a free-for-all breaks out. While the Mixels are fighting, King Nixel sneaks up and traps them all in his airship.

However, once the Mixels realize the whole thing was a setup, they're quick to mix with each other, form an army of Maxes, and break out of the airship. But when King Nixel is challenged, he removes his cloak, revealing that his body is made entirely out of Nixels. A huge swarm of Nixels comes to their King's aid, climbing on his body and causing it to grow even larger. The Maxes realize that they can't beat King Nixel, so they decide to mix again. As this is basically mixing together every Mixel in existence, the result is an extremely powerful and colossal creature called the Ultra-Miximum Max. King Nixel and the Ultra-Miximum Max struggle for some time, but the Ultra-Miximum Max eventually gets the upper hand. The Ultra-Miximum Max manages to destroy the King's artificial body, and then smashes King Nixel's head, which turns out to be mechanized as well. As it turns out, King Nixel is actually about the same size as a normal Nixel. Once he's separated from his mechanical body, King Nixel runs away crying with the rest of his swarm, vowing revenge as he leaves.

He later re-appears in the series finale Nixel, Nixel, Go Away some time after his last appearence. Now all the mixels in Mixopolis are sick of mixing, so King Nixel uses this as an advantage, he and his Nixels slowly start infiltrating Mixopolis and are spreading negative energy, being headquartered in the largest building of the city. They create a new scheme called the i-cubit, a cubit that instead of mixing causes Mixels to get even less positive and happy. They sell it to all the citizens of Mixopolis and take their original cubits away from them. All except one Mixel named Booger and his friends. With the Mixels now defenseless and all of the color of the cubits now belonging to the Nixels, King Nixel orders his minions to attack Mixopolis and turn all the Mixels into mindless zombies that obey his words only. However, Booger and his friends manage infiltrate his headquarters along with the Ninjdas, ninja-like Mixels that were absent during the attack, but were soon turned as well. Booger and his friends come to stop King Nixel up on the highest floor of the building, where he reveals that he put all the color in a rocket which he is planning to blast out into space to explode and absorb the entire color spectrum, which will leave everything black, white and grey. With only one cubit left, Booger and his friends seem to be goners, until Booger realizes that only one cubit is needed after all. Booger and his friends start dancing, which causes the creativity levels in the cubit to increase, making it powerful enough bring the Mixels back to normal. Booger then tries to replace the center I-cubit with the powered-up cubit in order to reverse the effects the Nixels have done. However, King Nixel then uses his machinery to trap Booger inside the top part of the Nixel Rocket and sends it off. However, Booger manages to use the color cubit to destroy the rocket. Causing all of the color to rain down on Mixopolis and bringing everything back to normal. King Nixel's robotic armor also gets sprayed with color, causing it to malfunction. Once again revealing his true small form, King Nixel get's in a tiny rocket and tries to escape again. However, two mixels (Slusho and Tungster) get in his way and mixed, causing him to crash in them and his body to shatter, killing him and ending his threat once and for all.

Physical Appearance

King Nixel presents himself as a tall and limber Nixel. His face is made up of the body of a flat-topped square Nixel with small pincers on the sides of his head, with a bushy black mustache and thick black eyebrows. His body is a long black cloak with pointy shoulder pauldrons, which conceals the fact that it is actually made out of other Nixels. His hands and fingers are dark grey while his fingers have sharp white tips. He wears a dark grey crown on his head.

Without his disguise, he is simply a small flat-topped Nixel. His feet are more rounded than standard Nixels and he still has the small pincers on the side of his armor. His limbs are grey, instead of the standard black. His eyebrows are pointier than standard Nixels.