The King of OOO is a reccuring villain in the tv show Adventure Time. He serves as a minor villain is season 5, a minor antagonist of season 6, and as one of the main villains of season 7. He is voiced by Andy Daly. He is basicaly a big piece of earwax.

Adventure Time Edit

Season 5 Edit

He first appears in Apple Wedding where Tree Trunks invites him to perform her wedding ceremony, jealous because of this, PB tries to expose him as the criminal he is but fails, she then arrests him anyway, but he escapes by biting off the bars of the jail cell window and jumps out.

Season 6 Edit

He returns in the season 6 episode Gold Stars where he uses Sweet P Trunk's belly dancing routine to distract candy people so he can steal their money along with his attorney Toronto. After Sweet P realizes their plan he attemtps to run away. However they catch up with him and threaten him to burn his house if he doesn't join them. However, due to being in a deadly situation and seeing fire, Sweet P loses control over his body and the original owner of the body kicks in, The Lich, who inputs visions into their heads and scares them away.

In Hot Diggity Doom he overthrows PB and get's on the candy kingdom throne thanks to Gunter/Orgalorg, who is disguised as Mr. X, however in the next episode The Comet, the citizens already start with their anarchy, which causes the king to hide in the castle scared. And ends up getting knocked out once Orgalorg, Finn and Jake go to space.

Season 7 Edit

He is first seen in Bonnie and Neddy as the main villain, here he forces Finn and Jake to be his security guards. Later, after seeing Neddy (PB's brother) and realizing that he is the one producing the liquid needed for life in the Candy Kingdom, he instantly tries to take control over Neddy to limit the liquid and sell it. However, he accidentally shoos him away.

In Varmints he is a secondary antagonist. He is seen sleeping in PB's bed with her clothes and hair, which disturbs Marceline.

In Mama said, he is one of the two main antagonists. Here he sends Finn and Jake to tame a dangerous flying mushroom for him. However, they do not do this task, so he fires them. It is here that they finally no longer work for him.

In the new miniseries Stakes, the king appears in the fifth episode May i come in pretending to hunt in order to look cool, but only looks weird.

Later, he is seen shortly in Take her back when PB forces him to let her enter in the castle.

He is most recently seen as the secondary antagonist again in the eight and final episode of Stakes The Dark Cloud. Where he forces the candy people to protect him against the cloud monster, even if it kills them. However, his criminal reign is finally ended by Crunchy, a little cookie citizen who realizes his cruel and selfish nature and pushes him into the flames of his fireplace. Causing him to melt in the process. In the end, PB is back in charge, and he is last seen wandering the streets, now weakened and small due to the melting.

So far, he was not seen in any of the new episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other Adventure Time villains (like The Lich, Ricardio or AMO) who chose their evil paths for either psychological pleasure, damage or power. King of ooo is merely a petty criminal who is not a real threat, rather, he is only an idiot whose crimes are driven because of greed.
  • He is one of the many king villains in the show, such as Rat King, Fight King and others.
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