Krampus 2a

Full Name



The Christmas Devil


To punish the naughty on Christmas for losing the Christmas spirit


Frees the Engel family after they learn their lesson, and watches them through a snow globe

Krampus is the titular main antagonist of the 2015 film of the same name. He is an ancient demonic spirit who punishes the naughty on Christmas. He is aided by various demonic creatures, known as Helpers.

He is portrayed by Luke Hawker, and his vocals were done by Gideon Emery.


Decades in the past, Krampus met a young girl named Omi, who lived in a poor Austrian village which had lost faith. When the village's cruelty and her parent's abuse cause Omi to lose the Christmas spirit, Krampus dragged the town into the underworld, but spared Omi, leaving her a Christmas bauble to remind her never to lose the Christmas spirit.

Many years later, the dysfunctional Engel family's bickering causes a young Max to lose the Christmas spirit, shredding his letter to Santa in the process. The family's lack of spirit summons Krampus to the town, and he summons a snowstorm, cutting off all power. Beth, worried about her boyfriend, ventures outside, where she is pursued by Krampus. She seemingly avoids him, but he leaves behind a jack-in-the-box monster that captures Beth.

Krampus attacks Tom and Howard when they investigate Beth's boyfriend's house, causing the family to barricade themselves in their house. However, Krampus lowers a hook down the chimney, which drags Howie Jr. up and into Krampus' clutches. 

A now elderly Omi, who is Max's grandmother, then reveals her past with Krampus, and explains that he punishes the naughty. Shortly afterwards, Krampus unleashes his demonic helpers to attack the family. He finally enters the house and confronts Omi, recognizing her. Krampus proceeds to abduct Omi before sending his elves off to capture the remaining family members, leaving only Max left. He then personally confronts Max and gives him a Christmas bauble before leaving to take his family to the underworld. However, Max follows Krampus and returns the bauble, demanding his back and offering himself instead. Krampus grabs Max and holds him over the pit leading to the underworld, where Max apologizes for losing the Christmas spirit. However, Krampus drops Max into the pit anyways.

Max suddenly awakens on Christmas morning, the neighborhood restored and his family returned. Believing that the entire experience had been a dream, Max opens up his Christmas present, only to discover the Christmas bauble, causing the family to remember what they had experienced. Meanwhile, Krampus observes the family through a snow globe on his shelf in his lair. Revealing that he gave them a second chance, but is still keeping an eye on them. 


  • According to Omi, Krampus is older than Santa Claus.