Krapulax is an enemy of Spiff and Hercules. He always strives to be the master of the universe, and by all means. Of course, it fails every time, but is saved in extremis.

It has an often unable Assistant: Gnom (which is almost a dwarf ) and a "scholar" in his service Mochepoire (which opposes the learned friend of Spiff and Hercules and often present in these adventures, the Professor Belpomme ). Krapulax also has a large workforce, totally at his command but virtually devoid of reflection: the Krapumecs.

Krapulax is totally megalomaniac, and often ends up cracking nervously exploding with anger, again showing its high degree of madness .

Unlike Pif and his friends, who are animal anthropomorphic , Krapulax and his servants are human . Krapulax nevertheless has a special appearance: he shaved head and often wears a cloak.

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