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Full Name

Ben Solo


Kylo Ren, Ren


To find and kill Luke Skywalker in order to prevent a new Jedi Order, to destroy the New Republic and his family, to corrupt Rey


Defeated in battle by Rey, rescued by General Hux and taken to Snoke

Kylo Ren (born as Ben Solo) is the main antagonist in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He is the servant of Supreme Leader Snoke.

During the film, he is obsessed with his family's linage, as he was trained to follow his grandfather, Darth Vader.

Background Edit

Born as Ben Solo, offspring of Han Solo and Leia Organa, he was sensitive to the force. His mother feared Ben was too much like his grandfather Vader so she sent him to her brother Luke to train him and save him from the influence of the dark side. All efforts of Ben's uncle were wasted when Supreme Leader Snokecorrupted him to the Dark Side of the Force. Ben adopted new name Kylo Ren by becoming a member of the Knights of Ren.

Role in the filmEdit

Knowing that somewhere on the planet Jakku there is a map leading the way to Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren arrives on the planet. His stormtroopers quickly round up all citizens of the nearby village, also capturing village elder Lor San Tekka, who gave the map to rebel pilot Poe Dameron before Ren arrived. Dameron witnesses the chaos the troops of the First Order are causing and gives the map to his droid BB-8, telling him to get away as far as possible. Kylo interrogates San Tekka, who recognizes him as the son of Han Solo and tells him that he can not run away from the family he was born into. Ren then slays the man with his lightsaber and orders Captain Phasma to kill all captured villagers. While the stormtroopers carry out the gruesome task, one of them, Finn, does not participate in the slaughter. Dameron, witnessing the murder from a hiding spot, fires his blaster at Ren but Ren stops the laser blast mid air, freezing it. Kylo then uses the Force to overpower Dameron and has the stormtroopers take him captive. After Dameron is brought onboard, Ren leaves the scene, taking a long glance at Finn. When Ren is gone, the frozen laser blast is freed again and hits a wall.

Onboard a Star Destroyer, Ren interrogates Dameron by using the Force and finds out that Dameron hid the map with his droid BB-8. He sends his troops back to Jakku to find the droid, who has already met Rey. Dameron is then saved by Finn, who has chosen to desert the First Order and escapes with him to Jakku. After being told about Dameron's escape, Ren escalates and furiously demolishes the spaceship's interior with his lightsaber.In a meeting with his master, Snoke tells Ren that he soon will have to face his father. Ren replies that by Snoke's training he is prepared, but Snoke nontheless calls it the hardest test Ren has to face. Later, after Finn and Rey have met Han Solo and Chewbacca, Ren tracks the signal of the Millenium Falcon to Takodana. While his soldiers attack the building Finn and Han are in, Ren tracks down Ray, who has run off into the forest after having found out that she can use the force. Upon finding her, Ren demands to know the location of BB-8, but after realising that Rey has already seen the map, takes her captive as he plans to get the information out of her. Kylo tells his troops to retreat, as he now deems BB-8 unimportant. Han and Finn watch the retreat of the stormtroopers as well as Ren carrying Rey into his ship and flying of with her. Opon seeing Ren, Han immediately recognizes his son Ben, which he later tells Leia about. Kylo Ren brings Rey to Starkiller Base, where he plans to get the information of the map out of her. She refuses to talk to a man hidden behind a mask, so he takes of the mask, revealing how young he really is. When she refuses to tell him Luke's location, Kylo tries to break her spirit by using the force but is shocked when Rey blocks him out of her head, instead reading his mind. Disturbed by this, Kylo leaves the room, leaving Rey behind with a stormtrooper guard. However, Rey uses a force trick on the stormtrooper and forces him to free her. When Kylo returns to see Rey's chair empty he falls into a rage fit and destroys the room's interior with his light sabre while calling the guards, prompting two nearby stormtroopers to leave the scene before Ren can harm them in his rage.

After General Hux's speech Ren witnesses the destruction of the Republic's capital planet as well as the republic fleet by the Starkiller Base. When the rebels witness the power of Starkiller Base, they plan to destroy the facility before the First Order can destroy them with it. Han Solo, Chewbacca and Finn plan to infiltrate the base to turn off its shield generators as well as to save Rey. Before they leave, Leia tells Han to try to get their son back, which he promises. At the base, they deactivate the generators and rig parts of the facility with explosives. Ren, who is present on the base, senses the presence of his father and tries to find him. While searching for Han, Han instead sees Kylo who is just crossing a bridge. He calls him by his birth name, Ben, and approaches his son. Although Kylo states that Ben Solo was weak and therefore eliminated by Kylo Ren, Han tells him that Snoke corrupted him and that he still has the choice to change. He also tells his son to come home, as his mother is missing him. This touches Kylo, who admits that he is torn. Knowing that he would feel drawn to his family as long as his father is there, Kylo begs Han to help him into executing the choice he made. Han promises and Ren slowly hands him his lightsaber, intending for his father to kill him to end the pain. However that was a ruse as Kylo activates his lightsaber and thrusts it into his father's chest, thanking him for making this choice possible, as without his father Ren's ties to the light side are severed. Han's deceased body falls into the abyss. Chewbacca, furious about his friend's death, activates the explosives and shoots at Ren, hitting him and dropping him to the ground.

When Kylo Ren sees Rey and Finn leave the building and pursues them into the frozen woods outside of Starkiller Base. Rey tries to attack Kylo but he uses the force to lunge her far off into the trees, knocking her out. While Kylo screams at Finn that he is a traitor, Finn calls Kylo a monster and activates Luke's lightsaber. The two engage in a furious swordfight in which Ren gets the upper hand by ramming the crossguard light blade of his sword into Finn's shoulder. Though both of them are hit and injured multiple times, Ren in the end defeats Finn and slices his back, causing Finn to drop the lightsaber and fall to the ground. Kylo then tries to use the force to get his grandfathers lightsaber but is shocked when the lightsaber flies right past him into the hands of Rey, who now attacks Kylo to avenge Han and Finn. As a climactic fight progresses, the rebels manage to destroy Starkiller base, which results in a massive earthquake which creates deep rifts in the surrounding landscape. One of these chasms opens right behind the fighters and Ren drives Rey towards the edge of said rift. While pressing his lightsaber against hers, Kylo offers Rey to train her. This causes Rey to realise her potential and with the force she drives Ren back, hitting him multiple times with her lightsaber and eventually slicing him across the face. Kylo drops to the ground but before Rey can do more, a rift opens right between them, seperating Rey from Kylo. Chewbacca then steers the Milennium Falcon towards Rey and she enters the airship with Finn's comatose body, leaving Ren behind on the imploding planet. Shortly before the ultimate destruction of the planet, Supreme Leader Snoke gives General Hux the order to evacuate Starkiller Base and to bring Kylo Ren before him, so that Ren's training can be completed.

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