Kyoko is a girl in the same class as Nagisa and Honoka. One day she and her friend, w:c:prettycure:Koshino Natsuko Koshino Natsuko, decide to cosplay as the Pretty Cure, leading everyone to think they are them, however until they found this out, Nagisa and Honoka thought they had been discovered. As they are only cosplaying, the girls do not have any powers or abilities and are normally seen pretending to play hero for younger children.

Poisony decides to use this against the Pretty Cure and kidnaps them and threatens to harm them if the real Pretty Cure do not show up and hand over the Card Communes.

In the English Dub, her name was changed to Crissy while Natsuko's name was changed to Summer.

After this little episode, they continue to cosplay as Pretty Cure.


As she chose to dress like Honoka, it's possible she acts like Honoka herself. She is quiet, soft-spoken, and reserved. She was the one to tell the others about Pretty Cure, out of either the desire to become popular/known or for possible unknown reasons. Kyoko thinks that Cure White is cool, while Cure Black is selfish. She also thinks Black is a pushy and a smooth talker and full of herself.


Kyoko is normally shown in her school uniform, but when they cosplayed as Pretty Cure, she chose to dress up as Honoka. Her hair is very dark brown-black colored with her bangs framing her face and long pigtails worn with white-blue scrunchies. As Cure White, her scrunchies are pink colored with small bubbles. Her eyes are a similiar shape of brown-black.

Her Cure White costume is very different then the normal Cure White costume, consisting of a pale blue-white dress with a white bow at her chest and milky blue ruffled lining, above the elbow white gloves and kneesock-like leg warmers and red tennis shoes.

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