Lady Tremaine
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Full Name

Lady Tremaine


The Wicked Stepmother, the Evil Stepmother, the Bad Stepmother


Ruin Cinderella's life


Gets dressed up as a servant

I never go back on my word.
~ Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine is the main antagonist of the Cinderella films. The step-mother of Cinderella, Tremaine seeks to ruin Cinderella mentally rather the physically, mainly because she is jealous that Cinderella is more beautiful than her own daughters, Anastasia and Drizella.



Prior to the main events of the story, Lady Tremaine married Cinderella's wealthy father, who wanted a mother figure in his daughter's life. Lady Tremaine had two daughetrs of her own, Anastasia and Drizella, and a pet cat named Lucifer. After the death of Cinderella's father, Lady Tremaine showed her true colors, reducing Cinderella to a mere servant while spoiling her own daughters excessively.

Several years later, the Tremaines are invited to a royal ball organized by the king to find a wife for his son. Lady Tremaine hopes to use this as an opportunity to marry one of her daughters off to the prince, but also consents that Cinderella can join them if she finishes all her chores and finds a proper dress to wear. Cinderella finishes her tasks, but Lady Tremaine manipulates her daughters into destroying Cinderella's dress by pointing out that she's wearing Anastasia and Drizella's beads and sash. The Tremaines then leave, with Cinderella unable to join them.

However, Cinderella is able to attend the ball with the help of her Fairy Godmother, and quickly wins over the prince. Lady Tremaine becomes suspicious of Cinderella's arrival, but is unable to study her long enough to recognize her. After the ball, Lady Tremaine discovers that the prince will marry the girl whose foot fits the glass slipper left behind at the ball. Upon hearing the news, an overjoyed Cinderella sings and dances to herself, and Lady Tremaine realizes that she's the mysterious girl who danced with the prince at the ball. To keep Cinderella from marrying the prince, Lady Tremaine locks her in her room.

When the Grand Duke, Lady Tremaine's daughters try on the glass slipper, but their feet won't fit. While this is happening, Cinderella's mice friends manage to free her, and she rushes downstairs and calls for the Duke to wait. Before she can try on the slipper, however, Lady Tremaine trips the footman, causing the slipper to fall and crash. As Lady Tremaine gloats, Cinderella reveals that she has the other slipper, much to Tremaine's horror. The slipper fits, and Cinderella marries the prince and goes off to live with him in his castle.

Dreams Come True

Lady Tremaine only appears in the An Uncommon Romance segment, who still seeks for her daughters to marry wealthy noblemen. When Anastasia falls in love with a baker, Tremaine disapproves of her romantic interests and forbids her to speak to him. However, Anastasia chooses to defy her mother and continues her romance with the baker anyways.

A Twist in Time

Lady Tremaine returns as the film's main antagonist. Acquiring Fairy Godmother's wand after Anastasia finds it, Lady Tremaine uses it to take revenge on Cinderella, reversing time and undoing Cinderella's "happily ever after". She enchants the glass slipper so that it fits Anastasia's foot, then enchants Prince Charming into forgetting about Cinderella and marrying Anastasia instead. She then transforms Anastasia into a mirror image of Cinderella before proceeding to transform Lucifer into a human and sending him off to kill Cinderella. However, with help from the mice, Cinderella outwits Lucifer.

At the wedding between Anastasia and Prince Charming, Anastasia realizes that she doesn't love the prince and can't bare to spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she's not, and calls off the wedding, infuriating Lady Tremaine. The King orders her guards to seize her, but Lady Tremaine transforms them into animals. At Drizella's urging, Lady Tremaine then turns the wand on Anastasia, planning to turn her into a toad, but Cinderella intervenes. Despite this, Lady Tremaine tries to turn both of them into toads, but Prince Charming deflects the spell, transforming Lady Tremaine and Drizella into toads instead. Anastasia, meanwhile transforms into her true form and gives the wand to Cinderella, intent on redeeming herself for her past wrongdoings.

In the end credits, it's revealed that Lady Tremaine and Drizella were restored to their human forms, but now must serve Cinderella as scullery maids, much to their dismay.


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