Larry Moss is a user in World of Warcraft and the theme's secondary human/minor antagonist during the corruption war, as well as the tertiary antagonist in during the times of Project: Termination Program. He is the CEO of Lichrome Inc., and he plotted with Jaina to wipe out the undead, thus manipulating her into doing so for the Lich King's riches.


Teaming with Coffonelson

He plotted with Jaina to wipe out the undead, and has plotted with Professor J. Coffonelson to share the riches as partners, in order to suceed. He later found out that Drakenswillz has sent the death knights to Stormwind City, thus informing Coffonelson and commanding him to get more "power" and guard the city.

Recalculating plans

After a while, he understood that something in the plan is wrong. He reported so to Sinband Crectaur as his partner's intentions were to wipe out the undead by invading with some more supervillainous creations.

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