Larry Quinn is the sole antagonist of the 2003 live-action film The Cat In The Hat, played by Alec Baldwin who played Dennis the Hitman and Makunga.


Quinn is an evil, pompous, arrogant, lazy, selfish, greedy and sleazy person who is too lazy to work for a living and wants to marry Joan for her wealth and get rid of Conrad by sending him to military school.


Quinn is a tall and slender man with black hair, blue eyes, fair skin and brief pot belly. He wore a turquoise jacket, a white tank-top shirt, yellow pants and brown tennis shoes. He wears a gold ring with a blue jewel on his left hand. When finding Nevins and telling Joan about sending Conrad to military school, Quinn wore a purple tuxedo over a white dress shirt, a purple vest, a pale yellow tie and white dress shoes, but carries a brown briefcase.

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