Laser Wizard is a reccuring antagonist in Adventure time. He is voiced by Kent Osborne.

Adventure time Edit

He is first seen battling amongst other wizards in Wizard Battle.

He later has a much bigger role in Reign of Gunthers where it is revealed that he started a secret society with Bufo and Forest Wizard and that they are planning to grow even more powerful than the grand wizard himself, this plan however was accidentally over-heared by Ice King, whom they start fighting with, but unsuccessfully.

Afterwards he is seen in Wizards only, Fools where the society once again try to finish their plan, only to be foiled by Finn and Jake this time. Forcing them to escape.

They try again in Betty where they allow Bella Noche to crossover to their realm, only to end up losing their magic. However they regain it soon after.

They make cameo appearences in Hoots and The Comet.

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