The Lava Man is a nameless assassin from a race of lava men. He appears in one episode of The Tick animated series in its first season. He does not speak any lines in the episode, so his motives have to be explained by other characters.

Crime report

The lava man is first shown emerging to the surface of the Earth shortly after the arrival of the Mole King, who is drawn to the topside by the desire to court a supermodle named Mindy Moleford. The lava man sheds his overcoat and proceeds to silently and deliberately seek the Mole King. He attempts to kill the Mole King. His advisor tells the Tick that the lava people are a hostile race who wish to start a war between themselves and the mole people, and planned to spark tention by having their assassin commit regicide. The Tick incapacitates the assassin, and sends him to the mole gaurd force to be arrested, and that is the last that is ever heard about him.

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