ABMovie Leonard

Full Name



King Mudbeard


Steal the birds' eggs and eat them


Has his kingdom destroyed, leading him to plot revenge

King Leonard Mudbeard is Red's arch-nemesis and the main antagonist of Angry Birds: The Movie. He is voiced by Bill Hader.

Angry Birds

One day, while taking the anger management class, Red and the other birds on the island discover a boat coming to the island. The anchor of the boat crashes on Red's house and soon, the boat door opens up and reveals a giant, fat, bearded pig named Leonard and his tiny assistant, Ross. Leonard claims to be peaceful and brings offerings of friendship. They are immediately accepted on the island and later that night, they put on a show and eventually, more pigs are revealed to be on the island with them, which contradicts Leonard's earlier claim that it was only him and Ross. The pigs introduce a giant slingshot to the birds and uses Red as a subject for it, to which he lands on the beach. Red, who is upset at the pigs for wrecking his house and becomes suspicious of the pigs, decides to search their boat for something odd and Chuck and Bomb join him. They eventually find lots of pigs on the ship. Thinking he's got something on them, he reveals the additional pack to the birds, but Peckinpah is more concerned that he snuck on-board their boat and Leonard claims that he wanted to surprise the birds with a cowboy show with his "cousins". Red, now even more of a misfit, sulks off to his house.

After Red discovers that even more pigs have shown up, Peckinpah tells him to steer clear of them, refusing to believe his bad vibes about the pigs. Undeterred, he recruits Chuck and Bomb to help him find Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle who is said to be the protector of the island. They find him in his cave, but he is seemingly revealed to be a lazy guy who can't even fly. Angered over the Eagle, Red and his friends leave and they discover that Red's suspicion of the pigs was correct as they are stealing the eggs of the birds while the residents are distracted by a party. Red and Bomb fail to retrieve the eggs from the pigs when they leave in their boat and Chuck alerts the birds of the theft. When they arrive on the beach, Peckinpah apologizes to Red for not listening to him and asks him on what to do. Seeing the depressed birds, Red rallies them to be angry and set sail for the pigs' island in order to steal back the eggs. The birds make a boat, set sail and eventually land on the pigs' island. The pigs' island reveals to be slightly messy as they live in unstable houses and spend their days goofing off. They discover a giant castle in the center and estimate that the eggs are there.

Using the slingshot from earlier, the birds attack the pigs when they are shot at them, but fail to reach the castle. Red, Chuck, and Bomb make it to the castle and eventually find the eggs in a boiler room but before they can save them, they are picked up in a giant net. Red makes it onto the net and climbs to the egg pile. Leonard, who is dressed as a king (hence his leadership to the pigs), decides to boil him too. However, Mighty Eagle shows up and tries to carry the eggs out, but Leonard holds Red's leg when he's hanging onto the net. It starts to tear and a blue egg falls out. Deciding to risk his life, Red lets go of the nest to save the egg from Leonard and eventually floods the castle with the boiling liquid the pigs were using to heat up the eggs. Red outsmarts Leonard and takes back the egg, leaving the head pig blown up by TNT that the pigs used during their heist. After the explosion, the birds mourn the loss of the seemingly dead Red, but he emerges with the egg and is hailed a hero. When approached by Mighty Eagle, the giant bird states that by losing faith in him, Red gained faith in himself.

During the ending credits, it is revealed that Leonard survived the events and is already thinking of a new plan to get to those eggs.

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  • He is similair to Mom Jozee, as both characters are animal tyrants whose main devotion to their acts is greed.
  • He is also similair to King Nixel, as they are both leaders of a race that are the opposition of the protagonist race.