Lickay Luck is the main antagonist in the 1935 children novel The Adventures of Petale and Pentilia by Felix Salten and adapted in Julianne Stevens's 1995 animated film Petale, basped on the same book.


Lickay Luck is an evil cowboy-like sorcerer who plan to kill King Sindemlock and get rid of Petale and Pentilia, he has three assistants Witchy, Brendaline and Cameryna. He watches king Sindemlock and his wife queen Alemone care their son Petale with his cousin Kia in a crystal ball-like vortex; He decides to cast an evil magic spell on it to make lightning and fire things and he saw Sindemlock's and Alemone's guards and knights who tries to break everything in his lab, he, his assistants and his minions get arrested. Outside, Lickay Luck was in the woods walking towards trees, he smirks evilly and remembers his ex-friend Sindemlock and everythings and the whole earth will be himself. He transformed into a Big Monster, a dragon/wyvern-like creature and attacks Petale, Pentilia and the knights/guards, murderers King Sindemlock and kidnaps Kia.

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