Livingstones, also known as Lividstones or Explorators, are villains from Rayman 1, Rayman Origins, the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids and Rayman Legends.


Livingstones are limbless creatures, with green skin, brown clothes and a hat. They also have black mustache and big nose, but no mouth. In the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, they looks differently: no noses or mustaches, only visible mouths. In Rayman Origins, their personal appearance also changes little bit: They are no more limbless, have long nose, visible mouths and look much uglier overall.


Rayman 1

Livingstones are types of the enemies that appear only in levels of the Dream Forest, walking through the area. Rayman must avoid them and destroy them in one hit, as they go crazy and start chasing him. However, there are more ways to destroy them: do a grimace to frighten them, make them fall into water or throw a plum onto their heads (also a good platform to reach higher places). It is also good to avoid their smaller versions, so-called Small Livingstones, that are more aggressive than the bigger ones.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Although Livingstones don't appear in the game, a pictures of them with a plum on their heads are seen on platforms where Rayman must throw a plum on.

Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance)

Livingstones appear again in the Forest world of the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. However, they are now known as Explorators. Also, they don't have noses or mustaches anymore, but only visible mouths. Their clothes also changed. They carry sacks all the time and can use their hats as a weapon, but can be defeated when Rayman punches them.

Rayman Origins

Livingstones, now known as Lividstones or the lackeys of the Hunters, are also the enemies from Rayman Origins. They look differently, too: they are no more limbless, have visible mouths and longer noses. Also, they don't drive crazy when Rayman punches or does a grimace at them, but they still can attack him by throwing their hats. As it is revealed in the game, they like bullying Lums. There are various types of Livingstones in the game, with different weapons, like bamboo sticks.

Rayman Legends

Livingstones returned in Rayman Legends but this time as a independent gang of bandits who break into the houses of Green Teensies. Their personal appearance is also more bandits-alike: they were blue hats and pats, brown shirts and orange neckerchiefs to cover their faces. Their main weapons are planks with pointy nails and parachutes. Now Murphy is needed, as he only can cut their parachutes to stun them and let other characters to attack them. He also can grab them and move them wherever he wants.

Rayman Adventures

They return in the IOS and Android platform game this time as one of the main antagonist groups, here , they are still bandits. They steal the eggs containing the creatures known as the Incrediballs, who are desperately needed in order for the Sacred Tree to be sustained. However, one egg accidentally falls on either Rayman or Barbara (depending on who the player chooses to play as). Realizing what happened, Rayman or Barbara set off to retrieve all other eggs from the bandits and the other gangs that hey sold the eggs to. With the help of The Captain and his flying ship.

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