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You'll pay for your insolence!
~ Lorithia

Lorithia is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is the leader of the High Entia's Ministry of Research; as such, she mostly operates by designing new technologies and weapons for her people.

She has something of a rivalry with Dickson, but nonetheless tolerates him for his knowledge and abilities.

Story Edit

Lorithia is introduced soon after entering the upper Bionis, where she is shown to be plotting in the shadows of the High Entia hierarchy. She talks with Yumea - sympathising with her on the fact that Melia is in line for the throne in spite of being half-Homs - and escorts Melia to the High Entia Tomb for her trial, but does not take a highly active role in the story until Prince Kallian begins his attack on Mechonis following the events at Prison Island.

In the time leading up to the battle, she begins researching the Ether-damaging green fluids in the Mechon spear used to kill Zanza's body on Prison Island. She is joined in this by Alvis. As a countermeasure to the fluid, she designs the Havres: aircrafts that the High Entia use at the second battle at Sword Valley. She is present at the battle, but hangs back from the combat to watch as the allied force fights.

Lorithia havres

Lorithia releases the ether

After the events at the Mechonis Core, the High Entian Havres squadren led by herself and Kallian comes to the party's aid during Dickson's Telethia assault. She is then revealed to be one of Zanza's three disciples, and taunts Kallian for not having realised this before releasing vast amounts of ether from the aircraft to transform the other High Entia into Telethia. In the process of his transformation, Kallian is ordered to kill Melia - but his will, alongside support from Melia, leads to his resistance to obey and he turns on Lorithia instead. The resulting ether explosion appears to kill Lorithia, Dickson and Kallian.

She is then revealed to be alive when the party meet her in the Bionis' Interior. The group follows her into the heart of the Bionis.


Lorithia prepares to merge with Kallian

In the heart's core she reveals Kallian's Telethia alive but mindless, even going to the point of kissing the prince to taunt the party. She then merges with the Telethia herself to fight the party alongside summoned elements. After she is defeated she denies her imminent fate, claiming she was "promised immortality". Weakened by the fight she loses her control of Kallian, who talks with Melia before rebelling against Lorithia and killing them both in the process. Melia and the party mourn over the prince's sacrifice briefly before Dickson's arrival.

Gallery Edit

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