Magic Man (voiced by Tom Kenny, who also voices Ice King) is a reccuring antagonist in Adventure Time. He is a Martian, and the brother to Grob Gob Glob Grod, who uses his talent with magic to nihilistically harm others.


Magic Man was once a gifted scientist and magician, who tragically lost his wife, Margles, to the primeval being GOLB. In order to protect the entirety of Mars from the second coming of GOLB, he created an artificial intelligence named M.A.R.G.L.E.S., in honor of his wife, that he planned to install on the top of Olympus Mons. However, the installation went awry, resulting in Magic Man becoming mentally and emotionally damaged.

Adventure Time

He is first introduced in the episode "Freak City", where he transforms Finn into a huge foot. He returns in the fourth season entry "Sons of Mars", where his backstory is first hinted at.He makes brief reappearances in the fifth season episode "All the Little People" (in which he gives Finn the titular miniature people) and the sixth season episode "Everything's Jake" (in which he causes Jake to go on an adventure inside of himself) and he serves as the main antagonist in the episode "Time Sandwich", stealing Jake's titular sandwich.Following the events of "You Forgot Your Floaties", Magic Man's madness, sadness, and magic seem to have been transferred to Betty, Simon's fiance, leaving Magic Man "normal".


Magic Man appears as a boss in Game Wizard and also in several online games, either as a minor character or as the main villain.

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