The Magic Spider is the main antagonist of the 2015 mobile game Cut the Rope: Magic, as well as Season 4 of Om Nom Stories (which takes place during this game).


Formerly one of the many small spiders that have a hunger for candy and steal it, the magic spider changed the rules upon obtaining a magical hat that made him larger and gave him magical abilities. Soon, however, the hat made gave him a thirst for money and treasures and an even bigger hunger for candy, causing him to eventually target an old adversary with loads of candy, Om Nom.

Cut the Rope: Magic

He is first seen at the very beginning of the game. As Om Nom reads a fairy tale book, the spider appears on one page and takes his entire stock of delicious candy. Panicked, Om Nom jumps in the book and is sucked into the Magic Spider's world. From there on, the Spider will always appear in the half and the end of the world as the boss. He will try to use his magic to bring the candy to him. It is then up to the player to help Om Nom outsmart the Magic Spider and eat the candy. Depending on the level, the player can either be fast enough to do the puzzle and make Om Nome eat the candy, causing the spider to be disappointed, or can push the Spider out of the entire level.

Om Nom Stories

Although not directly seen, one of his hideouts appears in the episode Mysterious House.

He is later fully seen in the episode Tangled Story, where he lures Om Nom into his castle and tries to torture him. He uses his magic to turn Om Nom into various animals and keeps stopping him from getting the candy. However, one of his magic beams accidentally hits his mirror and then the jewels on his chandeliers. Causing the spell to change and turn Om Nom into a huge, red, fire-breathing dragon, thus scaring the spider and chasing him away.

Afterwards, he is seen in the episode The Magic Hat, where it is revealed that all the candy he doesn't eat is used to be turned into money and treasures in his magic cauldron. Om Nom once again gets to one of his hideouts and tries to take a piece of candy in a cage, but the Spider notices him and turns him into a mouse, Om Nom tries to still get the candy but is stopped by the Magic Spider, who decides to turn him into a treasure as well. Fortunately, Om Nom breaks free of his grip and get's inside his robe, tickling him until he jumps out, knocking off his hat and throwing it in the cauldron in the process. This causes all the magic the Spider used to go away, reverting him back into a small defenseless spider. Om Nom then take the piece of candy, turns back to normal and then reverts all of the treasures the Spider had into candy.

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