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Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616)

Full Name

Magnus Erikson (formerly Max Eisenhardt)




Conquer the world and help mutants become the dominant species


Varies, sometimes redeemed

My brothers and sisters...we must prepare. We must prepare to take what evolution has promised us. For the age of humanity ends now.
~ Magneto

Magnus Erikson (formerly known as Max Eisenhardt), known better as Magneto, is a major antagonist in the X-Men franchise. He is the arch-enemy of the X-Men.

Magneto is an immensely powerful mutant, a subspecies of human born with superhuman abilities, who has the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Regarding mutants as superior to humanity, Magneto seeks to help mutants reign supreme over mankind and replace them as the dominant species. Though he was once close friends with Professor Xavier, leader of the X-Men, their conflicting philosophies resulted in them turning into enemies.

Despite his usual role as an enemy to the X-Men, Magneto has sometimes been portrayed as an anti-hero or ally to the X-Men.


Born to a middle-class German-Jewish family in the late 1920s, Max Eisenhardt and his family were subjected to harsh discrimination at a young age during the Nazi rise to power. Max's family was executed during the Holocaust, leaving Max as the sole survivor, possibly due to his mutant powers manifesting. Taken to Auschwitz, Max was forced to become a Sonderkommando in order to survive. While at Auschwitz, Max reunited with his childhood crush Magda, and the two escaped the prison camp together.

Moving to Vinnytsia, Max adopted the name "Magnus", and bore a child named Anya with Magda. However, when his mutant powers were discovered by the populace, a mob gathered and burned down Magnus' home, killing Anya. Enraged, Magnus killed the mob and destroyed a section of the city, horrifying Magda, who left him and later gave birth to mutant twins, Pietro and Wanda.

Taking the name "Erik", Magnus moved to Israel, where he met and befriended fellow mutant Charles Xavier, with the two unaware that the other was a mutant. When they were forced to reveal their hidden mutant powers to each other, the two parted ways, realizing that their views were incompatible. Joining a Western intelligence agency, Magnus used his powers to track Nazi war criminals and turn them over to Israel for trial. However, agents from the Western agency murdered his girlfriend, Isabelle. In a rage, Magnus murdered his cohorts and finally took on the name "Magneto". Seeing humankind as inferior, Magneto schemed to ultimately subjugate mankind and help mutants reign supreme as the dominant lifeform.

Magneto has become a major enemy to the X-Men, a mutant superhero team formed by Charles Xavier. Magneto has also been a recurring leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which includes his twin children, Wanda and Pietro.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Magneto possesses a tremendous amount of power, and has been stated to be one of the most powerful mutants who ever lived. Magneto has absolute control over all forms of magnetism, allowing him to achieve a multitude of effects. He has the power to manipulate the entire planet's electromagnetic field, and can devastate the entire world with the usage of his abilities. Magneto has also trained extensively to resist telepathic attacks.

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