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Mai was a member of Azula's team. She is not a firebender, but is still part of the Fire Nation. She is a 15 year old girl who's in love with Zuko. She and Ty Lee are best friends, despite them being polar opposites. She's the daughter of one of the Fire Nation Governors, older sister of two-year-old Tom-Tom, and niece of the Boiling Rock's warden. She was one of Azula's best friends, but Azula tried to use fear to control Mai rather than just trust she'd always have her back. In the middle of season three, she betrayed Azula to prevent Zuko from falling into boiling hot water in a crater. After doing so, Azula was about to attack Mai, when Ty Lee rescued her by hitting pressure points, temporarally paralyzing Azula. Azula ordered that they be sent to prison and "left to rot". Mai and Ty Lee remained imprisoned with the Kyoshi Warriors until the Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and Zuko defeated Azula and became the new Fire Lord, upon which they were released. After her release from prison, she resumed her relationship with Zuko, although the graphic novels reveal that they break up a year later. No mention is made of her in The Legend of Korra so it's unknown if she is still alive, since The Legend of Korra takes place 70 years later.

Her weapons are small knives hidden in her sleeves and darts that shoot out of spring-loaded holsters on her wrist and her ankles. She was once seen with a larger dagger, though.

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