Group: Ancient Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Tusk Crusher, Freezing Breath

The first Mammothmon the DigiDestined encountered was a minion of Myotismon. When the kids were back at Highton View Terrace, remembering a Digimon battle they had seen there four years prior, Mammothmon attacked them. Garudamon gave battle, in a bizarre parody of the battle of four years ago, and defeated him with relative ease.

Four years later, numerous Mammothmon appeared at various times, during the adventures of the new DigiDestined. The first herd of Mammothmon to appear then were not actually real Mammothmon, but were instead unliving Digimon, created by Arukenimon from two hundred Control Spires to battle her renegade creation,BlackWarGreymon. BlackWarGreymon tore into the Mammothmon, and defeated them with terrifying ease.

Some time later, when Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports, and wild Digimon appeared all over the world, numerous (notably docile) Mammothmon were seen on the India/China border, and another, more aggressive herd of them caused havoc in Siberia, as some unnamed Russian DigiDestined’s Frigimon attempted to hold them off. Yolei,Sora and the Russian DigiDestined AnnaSonya and Yuri arrived to try and corral the Mammothmon, but didn’t have the strength. Thankfully, Imperialdramon arrived in time to stop the Mammothmon, and they were sent back to the DigiWorld.

Some Mammothmon were also seen during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

Mammothmon first appears in "Return to Highton View Terrace." Name: From the word "mammoth," a prehistoric elephant-like creature.

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