Marcel is a minor antagonist from Flushed Away. He is a frog who does not speak because he's a mime.

Role in the film

He first appeared when Le Frog called for him. Then, his cell phone revals The Toad, and then The Toad tells him enough dancing.

Then, Marcel got his tounge stuck with The Henchfrogs as he they caught a fly then Rita knocks them off The Jammy Dodger as they got stuck on a stick.

Marcel was seen again when The Toad slapped then he was screaming in the background.

He was last seen when he danced during the Rolling on the River along with The Henchfrogs, however Le Frog stood and had an annoyed look.


Marcel has white gloves, a black top hat with a yellow flower, red lips, a black and white jacket and white makeup.


  • Although he does not speak, he screams in the background when The Toad slaps him.
  • Marcel is one of the antagonists in Flushed Away who do not speak along with Fat Barry and The Blonde Henchrat.

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