Markus Wolff is an antagonist in Tony Abbot's Copernicus Legacy series. He is an assassin and archaeologist for the Knights of the Teutonic Order. He personally serves Galina Krause as an assistant in locating the 12 relics.


Markus Wolff is cold and loyal to the Teutonic Order. He will not hesitate to kill anyone in the way of the Order's quest. He is well trained as an assassin and will often go unnoticed until the last moment. In fact, he has even killed Order members, showing how they are cruel even to their own members.

Despite this, he often takes a friendly persona when talking to the Kaplans; whether this is manipulation or true advice is unknown. He also has a son, which surprises Becca because she thought a killer like him could not show love.


Wolff is described as being tall and sinister. He has close-cropped white hair and pale skin, making him look somewhat like a vampire. Often he is seen in black clothing, such as a leather overcoat.

In the series

The Forbidden Stone:

Wolff first appears, although not mentioned by name, as the overseer in a dig located in remote Poland. The team comes upon a centuries-old ruby Kraken jewel, presumably created by the old Teutonic Order. He is later shown presenting Galina Krause the ruby, although he is largely ignored by the woman in favor of the jewel.

Wade and the Scorpion's Claw:

Wolff is able to follow the Kaplans to San Francisco, where he becomes a suspicious figure to Darrell. Wade agrees with his family/friends that his codename will be "Leathercoat" in case he does work for the Order. Their hunch is proved correct, as they spot Wolff multiple times in locations near them. When the anti-Order warrior Feng Xi saves the Kaplans from an Order attack, he explains about Wolff's job and ambitions. Feng shows them an armed handbag that is said to belong to Wolff; this turns out to be a lie.

Wade and Lily run into Wolff again at night as they race to find the Scorpio relic. He threatens them, but otherwise leaves before anyone can spot him. Wolff finally appears in the climax at Mission Dolores, along with Feng Xi and his men. He is prepared to kill if Wade discovers the real Scorpio relic. The one in the mission, however, is a fake that gets smashed by Wade. Feng Xi (who is revealed to be a separatist Order member) offers to locate the real relic, but Wolff sees that Feng really wants Scorpio for himself. During the gunfire, Feng is killed. Wolff tells the Kaplans that the first relic will circle to the last, and he will catch up to them again. Then he walks out of the mission.

The Forbidden Stone:

Throughout the book Wolff is referenced to. He is with Galina in the Czech Republic, discussing what happened at Mission Dolores and future plans to find the relics. He also appears at the end with Galina and Ebner on a ferry in Istanbul. Galina is going to receive her treatment. He explains how the student sent back in time in the Somosierra accident is now making his way back to the future through the hole created by time travel.

Becca and the Prisoner's Cross:

Wolff is seen by the Kaplans at the discovery of the 16th century barge by the river Thames. He is seen with the mysterious "Hatman" taking pictures for Galina.

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