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Marshmallow is a minor antagonist in Frozen.

Role in FrozenEdit

Marshmallow is created by Elsa the Snow Queen after she refuses her sister Anna's offer to return to Arendelle. Marshmallow throws her, Kristoff, and another snowlem named Olaf out of the castle, but a frustrated Anna hurls a snowball at him. This enrages Marshmallow, who proceeds to attack the trio and chase them off the mountain. Anna and Kristoff use a rope to try and escape down the mountain. Olaf attempts to distract Marshmallow, but is kicked off the mountain. Marshmallow then hoists Anna and Kristoff up and warns them never to return, but Anna cuts the rope, causing the two to plummet down the mountain, and Marshmallow leaves.

Later on, when Prince Hans and the royal guards come to Elsa's castle with the intention of capturing Elsa and freeing Ana, who they believe is in danger, Marshmallow immediately confronts them and attacks Hans. The guards arrows prove to have no affect on the snow golem, who grows icepick fangs and claws during his defense of Elsa's castle. He briefly manages to hold the soldiers back, but two of The Duke of Weselton's men manage to pass him and enter the castle without him noticing. Hans finally manges to sever Marshmallow's left leg. The unsteady snow golem soon plummets off the cliff during one final attempt to attack Hans.

However, Marshmallow was revealed to have survived his fall, and returned to the castle. However, by then, Elsa had returned to Arendelle as queen. All Marshmallow found was her discarded crown near the palace. With Elsa gone, Marshmallow crowned himself ruler of the palace and continued his life in the mountains.


Aside from enormous physical strength, Marshmallow was also shown to be able to grow icepick fangs, claws, and spikes at will. Also, when he got angry, his eyes would glow. Besides that, however, he didn't appear to have many abilities, but was still a formidable opponent in battle.

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