It is I, Master Org!
~ Master Org
Master Org

The Master Org

The Master Org is the ruthless ruler of the Orgs from 3 thousand years ago and the present one is the primary antagonist in the Power Rangers: Wild Force.

First Master Org

Ancient Master Org

The original Master Org

Master Org is a name that applies to two beings in the storyline of Power Rangers: Wild Force. One of them is the original Master Org, who led the battle against Animaria 3 thousand years ago and destroyed Animus. This Master Org was then destroyed by Merrick Baliton, the guardian of Princess Shayla.

Second Master Org

Several years later, scientist Dr. Viktor Adler and his allies Richard and Elizabeth Evans discovered the reminants of the Master Org in the form of seeds while on an expedition to prove to the public the existence of the Animarium. Driven toward jealousy by Richard Evans (1, due to the fact that Richard won Elizabeth's affections, and that Adler had a crush on her (Elizabeth), and 2, Richard always got the credit despite Adler's contributions during the journey), Adler ate the seeds and became the new Master Org. He chased Richard and Elizabeth and killed them. He never did find their baby, Cole. Elizabeth had hidden him in the jungle, where he was found by a tribe. Viktor Adler eventually assumed the identity of Master Org, and continued his mission of wiping out humanity and taking over Earth by recruiting newly arisen Org spirits to battle the Rangers (all of whom were destroyed by the Wild Force Rangers). For the majority of the series, he wore a helmet that harnessed a fake horn. He is aided by Duke Orgs Toxica and Jindrax. He turns them into temporary slaves when they discover that Master Org was mostly human, but they escaped in the end. But after endless defeats at the hands of the Wild Force Power Rangers, Master Org took it on himself to fight them himself, revealing himself as Viktor Adler. He was taken to a hospital, and sure enough, Cole and the Rangers paid a visit. He ambushed the team, trapping them in vines and taking them to an abandoned lab. Viktor told Cole all about the history between him and his parents, just before the two battled it out. Cole emerged victorious, leaving Viktor defeated and powerless. As Viktor dragged himself through the desert, he came across Jindrax, Toxica, and their new leader Mandilok. Mandilok threw Viktor off a cliff, and left him for dead. Not!


Master Org reborn

Master Org is reborn.

However, Viktor survived by merging with the spirit of the original Master, and awoke with a real Org horn on his head.

Master Org sent the Duke Org Onikage to set the stage for his return. When all was in place, he reappeared stronger than ever, and destroyed Mandilok. He then had Princess Shayla kidnapped, and began a ritual which would create an Org heart. Master Org swallowed the heart, giving him a powerful new form.

After the Org Heart infused Mandilok, Nayzor, and Retinax, they combined into one, and he was reborn with a powerful weapon called the Nexus Blade.

Master Org Final Form

Master Org's Final Form

Master Org used the Org Heart to create a full-Org body, which resembled a composite of the three General Orgs. He attacked the Animarium, destroying Animus and the Predazord with ease when they attempted to stop him. Master Org was seemingly destroyed by the Kongazord, but the Org Heart quickly restored him. He then destroyed all of the Wild Zords and brought the Animarium down to Earth. He attacked Turtle Cove and it seemed nothing could stop him depsite the de-powered Wild Rangers making a last stand against. Just as he was about to finish the rangers, all the destroyed Wild Zords came back to life and were joined by 100 others. The Zords combined their powers into an Ultra Roar, destroying the shocked Master Org's body completely. The Org Heart itself survived the attack but the six Wild Force Rangers used the Jungle Sword to destroy it before it could restore his body again, ending the threat of Master Org forever. With the destruction of Master Org, Dr. Viktor Adler could finally rest in peace.


  • His final form's sentai counterpart is Ultimate Org Senki, and it's resemblance to Nayzor, Retinax, and Mandilok is due to the fact this was a fusion of their Sentai Counterparts in Gaoranger.

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