Wilberforce Cranklepot

Full Name

Mayor Cranklepot


Cranky-pants, Uncle Cranky


To a new leader King Cranklepot to renamed Greenpatch "Goannasburg".


Jorge told him "the kids said higher".


Time to teach you a lesson tree-rat
I'm warning you leaving Greenpatch is forbidden
Okay Starred packing koalas I'll be back and you better be out.
Now bow, bow be for your king on your knees reaches.
William you're alive.

Mayor Wilberforce Cranklepot (voiced by Barry Otto) is a secondary antagonist in the CGI-animated film Blinky Bill the Movie Cranklepot is the tyrannical goanna and self-appointed mayor of Green-patch. He is a bully and a coward and can't stand anyone who dares to break his ridiculous rules. Blinky is 'Cranky's' arch enemy-the old lizard just can't understand how Blinky can be so naughty and break so many rules, yet remain as likeable and respected as he is.

Blinky Bill the Movie

Mayor Wilberforce Cranklepot Is the mayor goanna of Greenpatch to tell the others of Greenpatch when Betty arived on the meeting place her husband went to the deserts to saved the animals Cranklepot tells where he is, he's dead and Cranklepot is the new leader King Wilberforce Cranklepot to renamed Greenpatch it's called "Goannasberg," on this Statue but then Blinky Bill on the kite to throw Cranky with the fruit bombs but then Statue broke it and hit Marcia everyone angers at Blinky, Cranklepot teach him but Blinky got ran off and Cranklepot chases him Blinky head to the tree and he tells Cranky about 3 seconds then tree broke it and he falls off. Then Blinky heads to the rainforest he saw that his dad on this marker but Cranklepot grabs Blinky to back to his house by the end of the day Cranklepot tells the koalas to turn this tree in to his castle. Back at Greenpatch Betty tells Cranklepot Blinky's gone to find his father and she have to go find them. After Blinky his parents and his new friends all the way home Cranklepot tell everyone to bow the king but Blinky arived with Nutsy, Jacko, Splodge, Robert, Marcia, Jorge, his mother Betty and his father William Bill with the fruit bombs and they smashed him. after the end credits, Cranklepot swings a bilby and trying to escape but Jorge tells him the kid said "higher" and the bilbies, birds and joeys say "my turn," and Cranklepot groans.


  • Wilberforce Cranklepot is the new mayor in Greenpatch better then Mayor Pelican.
  • Barry Otto role the voice of the secondary antagonist in the new Blinky Bill movie.


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