Mesogog is a vile dinosauric mutant with psionic powers. Mesogog feels that the world should return to the prehistoric age, and wipe out the entire human race. He used the intelligence of cybernetic engineering to create his mutant cyborgs to do his bidding. Mesogog uses his psionic powers to torture his servants and his enemies. Mesogog is also equipped with martial arts that he uses to fight his enemies.

He was created, accidentally, by Dr. Anton Mercer through a formula which he drank. Anton would feel his transformation to Mesogog about to happen when he felt everything going slow. He destroyed the laboratory of Dr. Anton Mercer and his partner, Dr. Thomas Oliver, and took their latest project, the Tyrannodrones. Mesogog modified their programming to turn on their masters. Mesogog also abducted the injured Smith, Terrence "Smitty" and made cybernetic improvements on his body, turning him into the cyborg warrior Zeltrax. Mesogog later transformed a woman named Elsa into a mutant servant, and gave her the guise of being the Reefside High School Principal, Ms. Randall.

He next built the Genome Randomizer to create his cybernetic mutants. Mesogog captured the Reefside student Kira Ford when she took the yellow Dino Gem from the DT Lab. Mesogog was able to capture two Dino Gems - a black gem and a white gem. The Black Dino Gem was stolen by Dr. Oliver and it made him the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. The White Dino Gem had a hidden program to make its user violent and evil- Mesogog was angry when the Gem was stolen by none other than Trent Fernandez, the ward of Anton Mercer. When Trent, controlled by the Gem's programming, learned of his father's secret identity, Mesogog made Trent join him. Anton didn't want his son to become one of Mesogog's slaves, and made a bold move to free his son from the Gem's programming, making Mercer an enemy of himself. Mesogog created his own monster, by his own powers, using Mercer's prize winning plant.

Mesogog joined forces with Lothor and his resurrected Space Ninjas, and fought the Ninja Storm Rangers and the Dino Thunder Rangers. When their plan failed, Lothor and Mesogog turned on each other, and Mesogog trapped Lothor in one of his mutation jars. Mesogog was able to separate himself from Mercer, becoming more insane and determined to rule the world. He did away with Elsa to power his mutation cannon, which would turn all humans into dinosauric mutants like himself. Mesogog tricked Trent into giving him the Dino Gems to save his father, and though he succeeded, Mesogog failed as his island fortress was destroyed. Trent and Anton made it back to Reefside through an invisiportal. Mesogog also made it back to Reefside, and emerged as a powerful mutant monster. Mesogog was destroyed by the Dino Thunder Rangers when they used all of their Dino Gem power, causing their powers to be lost forever.

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