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Group: Android - Level: Mega - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Banana Slip, Metal Punch

MetalEtemon is the Digivolved form of Etemon, the evil simian-like Digimonwho controlled the deserts on the continent of Server. After Etemon was blasted through a warp by MetalGreymon's Giga Blaster attack, his digital information was scattered across digital limbo, where he reconfigured himself, splicing his data in with that of his Dark Network, with which he had bonded before his destruction. The splicing process eventually Digivolved him to the Mega level, and he returned to the DigiWorld, plummeting from the sky among the remains of the Network like a meteor, and emerging from the wreckage as MetalEtemon. As MetalEtemon, his armoured skin is constructed from Chrome DigiZoid.

Meanwhile, Joeand Mimiof the DigiDestined, who had left the group because they no longer wished to fight, had nursed Ogremon, who had been injured by the explosive impact of the Network, back to health. They were then set upon by Puppetmon, but MetalEtemon arrived to break up the battle. The enraged Puppetmon lashed out and MetalEtemon, and they began fighting, allowing Mimi, Joe and Ogremon to escape with the help of SaberLeomonWhen Puppetmon dubbed MetalEtemon "no fun" and headed back to his mansion, MetalEtemon set off looking for Mimi and Joe again. He soon found them, hiding out at Digitamamon's diner, and battle ensued once more. During the fight, MetalEtemon called down a blast of dark energy upon Mimi, but SaberLeomon leapt in front of it, taking it's brunt himself to save her. Zudomon then hurled his hammer - also made from Chrome DigiZoid - at MetalEtemon, shattering his armour. The weakened SaberLeomon then simply plunged his claw straight through MetalEtemon's body, destroying him. MetalEtemon dissolved to digi-dust, promising that the kids would "pay big time."

MetalEtemon first appears in "Etemon's Comeback Tour." He dies in "Ogremon's Honor." His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar.Name: From the word "metal," and the Japanese word "etekatte," meaning to do things at your own speed, in your own way, for your own convenience.

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