Min-droid is a major antagonist in Season 3 of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite. He was a nindroid who ended up short because of the lack of metal during his creation, leaving him the nickname Min-droid. However, despite his size, he is certainly one of the most powerfull nindroids to exist.

Ninjago Edit

The Art of the Silent Fist Edit

Min-Droid was first deployed to guard the Power Station. While being briefed about the situation with the other Nindroids, General Cryptor noticed Min-Droid's small size and joked about it with the other Nindroids. He also appeared when he was fighting the Ninjas' who were trying to shut down the Power Station.

Blackout Edit

Min-Droid was one of the many Nindroids taken to Ed and Edna's Junkyard after the Power Station's destruction and later revived by Techno Wu.

Codename: Arcturus Edit

Min-Droid makes his comeback during the battle of the Nindroid Convoy, and was the last Nindroid remaining after his two companions heads were cut off. Min-Droid then remained to fight Kai, getting sparked during battle.

The Void Edit

Min-Droid was in the rocket ship along with half of nindroids and Cryptor as he helps them using one of the control panels in order to reach the comet to get the Golden Weapons. But when he and the rest of the nindroids discovered that the ninjas were on the ship all this time, Cryptor ordered him and some of nindroids to get rid of them as he used a laser rifle but then when he get hited he catched the rope to stay on the ship but falls and get burned by the jet of the ship. When they got the Golden Weapons, he uses one of the space vehicles with Cryptor to fastly drive back to the ship but when the clift was abit too far that they cannot drive to cross over there, Cryptor says go but Min-Droid looked at him feeling feared and shakes his head by saying no then he get's kicked off by Cryptor as he takes the wheel and drives fast as they jumped their space vehicle to the other side of the cliff. Then Min-droid tries to reach back to his he seat but he was kicked off by Kai as he tries to get the key from Cryptor. And when the ship was destroyed by the alien bugs, the rest of the nindroids decides to take the golden weapons and using their jets to fly back to earth leaving the ninjas behind.

The Titanium Ninja Edit

Min-Droid was one of the Nindroids present during the Overlord's transformation into the Golden Master.

Min-Droid was seen carrying junk when he noticed General Cryptor insulting him behind his back to Nya. Angered, he punched Cryptor, and a small fight ensued. He and his General were frozen once Zane defeated the Golden Master, and they both froze, shattering into pieces.

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