Minireenas are a group of tertiary antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. They are the small minions of Ballora and are the smallest characters in the game, with the Bidybabs being a strong second.


Minireenas are small, mannequin-style dolls that accompany Ballora in her gallery, dancing alongside her. They seem to be modeled after artists' mannequins, with articulated joints and heads that appear to be simply full masks covering a ball-joint at the neck. They do not have detailed nor moving facial parts, teeth, nor eyes; the exception being during their jumpscare animation, during which they have glowing yellow irises within the black holes of their mask.

When dancing with Ballora, they wear tutus like she does, however they are completely bare during Night 4's springlock suit event.

Sister Location

They are first seen in Night 1 being forced to dance by the shocker. Later they are seen in other Nights as well on their stage doing something peculiar. Later they are seen in Night 4 where they climb on the Spring Lock suit the player is trapped in. The player must wiggle to shake the ones on the sides off while being still if their coming from the middle. The player keep the Spring Locks wound up in order to prevent another jumpscare from them. After about three minutes the Minireenas will go away and the night will be complete.

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