The Mirror Queen
The Mirror Queen

Full Name



The Queen


To be young and beautiful forever, to be the fairest of them all.


Is shattered to shards when her mirror shatters

Who's the fairest of them all?
~ The Mirror Queen

The Mirror Queen, a beautiful, evil queen who experimented with black magic before being struck by the Bubonic plague, her spell giving her eternal life but not the eternal youth she had expected.

She was portrayed by Monica Bellucci.


500 years ago, she was a Thuringian queen who was treasured by all of Europe, famed for her incredible beauty, but she was also vain and selfish. Her world was her own reflection. Long ago, King Childeric I came to the forest to build a city while the queen experimented with black magic to gain eternal life.

It was on the Queen's wedding day that the plague swept through the land and she hid in her tower, while her husband and everyone below her perished. Her spell granted her immortal life, but not the youth and beauty to go along with it. Her youthful appearance now only exists in her mirror, the source of her life, as an illusion and nothing more. She needs to drink the blood of twelve young girls to regain her beauty; ten have already been reported missing. The queen is working an enchantment to regain her beauty with the aid of her werewolf huntsman and his magic axe, crow familiars, and various creatures in the forest small village of Marbaden.

The werewolf is revealed to be Angelika's father, who is under the Queen's spell. It turns out that he is only able to keep on living due to an enchanted spike that is lodged into his chest and, without such, the spell is broken. Angelika is drowned by her father, becoming the 12th victim. The Brothers reach the tower while the Queen breathes an ice wind that puts out the forest fire.

Will and Jake enter the tower, where Will falls under the Queen's spell when the Queen takes the enchanted spike from Angelika's father and thrusts it into Will's chest. Jake shatters the enchanted mirror in the tower, preventing the Queen from completing the spell that will restore her youth. With the last of his strength, Angelika's father destroys the rest of the mirror by jumping out of the window with it; and Will, attempting to save the Queen, tries to take back the mirror and falls with him, and both men are killed and the Mirror Queen Shatters to shards like her enchanted mirror. As the film ends one of the Queen's crows is seen flying off with the last shard of her mirror, still holding the Queen's watchful eye and presumably, her living soul.


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