Say something nice - Missy before killing someone

Hello......I'm Missy - Missy introducing herself to The Doctor

Missy is the female form taken on by The Master in the science fiction TV series Doctor Who.

She is portrayed by Michelle Gomez.

Appearance: Edit

Missy is tall and slender. She wears her hair up in a bun and in the episode Death in Heaven wears a hat and carrys an umbrella. She dresses in Victorian clothes dyed black or plum. In Death in Heaven she wears a lot of makeup but in The Witch's Familiar and The Magician's Apprentice doesn't wear as much.

Death in Heaven Edit

Having appeared at the end of previous episodes, it is revealed that Missy is in Heaven tending to people's needs. In Death in Heaven she appears in front of Doctor and Clara and gives The Doctor "the full welcome package" which involves giving him a LONG kiss which confuses and somewhat disgusts Clara. After clocking that something weird is going on The Doctor keeps asking Missy who she is really and Missy just replies "You know who I am". After vaporising her sidekick Doctor Chang she confronts Clara and Doctor in the real world were still Cyber Men are standing. Missy then reveals to Doctor that she is his enemy The Master changed into female form. After being drugged she is taken onto a large plane. After escaping Missy proceeds to vaporise an Osgood and gives orders to her Cyber Men to kill people. The plane crashes in a graveyard. The Doctor survives and Missy land using her umbrella in a way similer to Mary Poppins. When The Doctor asks why she is doing this she replies: "I need you to know were not so different". Afterwards she is vaporised by The Doctor.

Other Appearances: Edit

In The Witch's Familiar and The Magicians Apprentice, she assists Clara in finding The Doctor in a home of Daleks one instant involing her and Clara getting vaporised. At the end she tries to convince The Doctor to kill Clara who is trapped in a Dalek Suit but doesn't. At the end before the building blows up as she is surrounded by Daleks she says: "You know what.....I just had a very clever idea", hinting that she is not really killed.

Gallery Edit

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