Mitch Toblat
Mitch Toblat

Full Name

Mitchell Toblat




Kills as many people as possible and keep his curse a secret


Stabbed to death by Derek

Little pigs, little pigs, let me in.
~ Mitch Toblat

Mitchell "Mitch" Toblat is the main antagonist of Big Bad Wolf. He is Derek Crowley's step-father and a werewolf who can retain his mind and his ability to speak.

He is portrayed by Richard Tyson.



At some point in his past, Mitch was cursed with lycanthropy, causing him to transform into a werewolf on occasional nights, but retain his mind and speech. He was a friend of Derek Crowly's father Scott, and had a crush on his wife, Gwen. During a hunting trip to Africa, Mitch transformed into a werewolf and murdered Scott in front of his brother, Charlie. With Scott out of the way, he wooed and married Gwen. Throughout their marriage, Mitch subjected his wife and stepson to emotional abuse for years. He also owned a cabin where he goes during the time of his transformations.

Big Bad Wolf

In the present, Derek, his friend Samantha, and their friends, fraternity and sorority pledges, decide to take a trip to Mitch's cabin while he's off on a business trip. During the night, unknown to the teenagers, Mitch arrives in werewolf form, and he proceeds to brutally murder the teenagers, even raping one of the girls before slashing her throat. Derek and Sam are the only survivors of the attack.

The following day, Mitch takes Derek home from the police station, where he tells them that his friends's deaths are his fault for bringing them to the cabin. Derek and Sam soon start to speculate that Mitch is the werewolf, confiding with Uncle Charlie their suspicions. To their surprise, Charlie believes him and reveals how he saw the creature attack Derek's father. However, he explains that they'll need a DNA sample to confirm their suspicions. While searching for DNA evidence, Sam is caught by Mitch, who forces her to perform oral sex on him. She takes the semen sample as DNA to confirm that Mitch is the werewolf, but Derek finds out and their relationship is strained.

Mitch abducts Charlie, who had learned he is the werewolf. He then transforms into a werewolf and proceeds to violently murder him. When Derek learns of Charlie's death, he angrily confronts his father for all the murders he had committed. Furthermore, Gwen decides to leave him and take Derek with her. Furious, Mitch abducts Sam and takes her to his cabin, calling Derek and demanding he come to meet him.

Derek arrives at night, along with a group of amateur teenage reporters. Mitch, in werewolf form, proceeds to track down and murder the teenagers, and also rapes one of the girls. Derek and Sam survive, and they engage Mitch in a fight, managing to injure him. They then burn down the cabin, with Mitch presumably perishing as well. However, he suddenly emerges, burned severely but alive, and bites Derek. Before he can kill him, however, Derek stabs him. Before dying, Mitch warns Derek that his curse has been passed onto him.

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