Moltor went after the Corona Aurora and became this form like his brother Flurious. He unlike his brother, enjoys the heat and inhabits hot areas such as lava pits. He wields a sword. He sometimes is outsmarted by his brother Flurious and is insulted when betrayed by him. He wants nothing but to get the Aurora Corona and outdo his brother. Sometimes he works with Flurious but mostly on his own, unless Flurious tries to sabotage his plans.

With his volcano lair falling apart due to Flurious's jewel, Moltor decided to lead his Lava Lizards in an all out attack on the Rangers to gain the remaining jewels. Mack arrived to get the crown from Moltor and the battle ended when the other rangers retrieved Mack. Barely surviving the battle and the destruction of his lair, Moltor came to Flurious's den with Tyzonn's fiance, Vella, and the crown. In his weakened state, Flurious was easily able to freeze him solid and smashing him to bits and take the crown.

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