Mom Jozee is the main antagonist of the 2015 (in some countries 2016) Russian-English movie A Warrior's Tail. She is a three headed monkey queen. She is voiced by academy-award winner Whoopi Goldberg in the english version.

History Edit

Mom Jozee was a terrible tyrant whose only goal was to conquer and enslave as much people and land as she can. For this, the great Magician of the mountains punished her by splitting her into three heads based on her weaknesses: Vanity, Greed and Stupidity. Angered, she conquered all the land around his mountain and isolated him from the rest of the world, so he can aid no one who needs his help.

A Warrior's Tail Edit

In a village populated by humans, a 10-year old boy Savva has escaped slavery that Mom Jozee has ordered over the village. Soon, he meets Angee, a White Wolf who tells him about the Magician in the mountains, along with a few others. They head off to the mountain, while Mom Jozee orders her spies to gather information about them. Soon, she declares war on the Magician and his people. Savva manages to make it to his mountain and convinces him to help them with his enormous dragon. In the battle Mom attempts to gain an advantage by taking control over a vicious group of Mosquitoes to attack them. However, the king of the mosquitoes (who is on Savva's side) changes their mind and manages to get them to fight Mom's army. Soon they are chased off, and Mom was captured by the Magician, what happens to her after this is unknown.

Personality Edit

Due to having three heads, she is like three different people, The left head is Stupidity, who doesn't seem to care about anything. The right head-Vanity, acts somewhat like a brat, caring about her looks. However, the middle head- Greed, is ruthless, cruel and evil, and the only one who keeps Mom's original personality.

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