Monster Blood
Monster blood

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Monster Blood




Consume everything in its path


Eventually expires

Monster Blood is the titular antagonist of the Goosebumps book of the same name. It is a green substance cursed by a witch named Sarabeth that enables it to grow each day. Anyone who consumes Monster Blood will rapidly grow as well. However, Monster Blood has an expiration date.


Monster Blood

Monster Blood made its debut when a boy named Evan Ross bought it from an old toy store while staying with his aunt Kathryn. Several strange incidents ensued involving the Monster Blood, including Evan's dog Trigger growing in size upon consuming it. The Monster Blood eventually grows large enough to consume humans. It is later revealed that the witch Sarabeth had cast a spell on the Monster Blood. After her death, the Monster Blood vanished.

Monster Blood II

A tin of Monster Blood was eventually recovered by Evan's friend Andy, who shows it to him when they reunite. The two bury it in the forest, but it is taken by the school bully Conan Barber, forcing the two children to take it from his house. Andy later feeds some of the Monster Blood to the school hamster Cuddles as a joke, causing Cuddle to grow in size and eventually escape confinement. As Cuddles wreaks havoc, Evan eats some of the Monster Blood in order to combat the massive hamster. However, while Evan does grow in size, he proves incapable of subduing Cuddles until suddenly, the two shrink down to their normal sizes. Andy, picking up the Monster Blood tin, discovers that it was the expiration date.

Evan was hailed a hero and was given Cuddles as a reward. However, at the end of the book, Cuddles was shown eating more Monster Blood.

Monster Blood III

Evan and Andy use the Monster Blood in order to get back at Evan's annoying cousin, Kermit Majors. However, Evan accidentally consumes some of the Monster Blood and grows in size. He uses his newfound size to get revenge on Conan, but after several accidents caused by Evan, the police and fire department are called to detain him. To save Evan, Kermit invents a formula that shrinks Evan. However, the formula causes Evan to shrink too much until he finds himself only a few inches tall.

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