Monzaemon is a Puppet Digimon whose name is derived from the famous puppeteer Chikamatsu Monzaemon and whose design is derived from the teddy bear. It is completely shrouded in mystery, though it's rumored that Etemon pulls its strings. From its looks, it's an unmodified plush toy of a bear, so it's rumored that there is someone within, who got in through where the chuck is attached on its back section. It wraps the opponent up in the love overflowing from this cute body (with scary eyes), and makes them feel happy.

In Ultima, Monzaemon are Support-Class Corporals in the Metal Empire division of the D-Minion Army. Their primary function is to help aid outnumbered Grunts by swarming over enemy troopers and incapacitating them with Depressant-type Heart Attacks before finishing them off with an Eye Laser Blast.

They are what happens to a Numemon when it is DNA-Digivolved with a Hagurumon inside the chassis of a teddy bear suit. They will naturally slide-digivolve into the more ferocious WaruMonzaemon infected with a Black Gear.


Hearts Attack (Lovely Attack): Flings hearts. The hearts induce a feeling of euphoria in their target, while also trapping them.

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