Full Name



The Sea Witch


To prove her superiority to her sister Ursula by taking over Atlantica


Gets frozen in a block of ice by King Triton

The end begins for all of you with fins!
~ Morgana

Morgana is the main antagonist of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She is a sea witch and Ursula's younger sister. 

She is voiced by Pat Carroll.



Growing up, Morgana was valued less than her older sister by her mother, and was frequently criticized and abused. She also wasn't as efficient in using magic as her sister. At some point, Morgana met Undertow the shark and Cloak and Dagger, two manta rays, who subsequently became her minions.

Return to the SeaEdit

When Morgana learned of Ursula's death, she interrupted the birthday party celebrating an infant Melody, Ariel and Eric's daughter. Holding the infant hostage, Morgana threatened to feed her to Undertow unless King Triton surrendered the trident to her. However, her plan fails and Triton transforms Undertow into a harmless piranha. However, she manages to escape, vowing revenge on everyone. 

Out of fear for Melody's safety, Ariel isolated her daughter from the sea and didn't tell her of her mermaid heritage. Several years later, Morgana, now living in an iceberg lair, discovers Melody and her locket, and forms a plan to use her to get the trident. Sending her minions out to fetch Melody, Morgana welcomes the young girl to her palace. Revealing th esecret of the locket, Morgana transforms Melody into a mermaid, and claims that King Triton stole her trident. She then manipulates Melody into going to Atlantica to take the trident and return it to her.

Melody succeeds in retrieving the trident and returns to Morgana's lair. However, Ariel, transformed back into a mermaid, intervenes and pleads for Melody to give the trident to her. However, Melody, hurt that her mother kept her mermaid heritage a secret from her, gives the trident to Morgana. The sea witch immediately reveals her true nature and abducts Ariel, trapping Melody and Flounder in a part of her lair and warns her that her time as a mermaid has nearly expired. She then leaves with Ariel in her grasp.

Eric and his crew, along with King Triton and his soldiers, arrive to battle the sea witch, but prove no match for her. In the ensuing battle, Melody is freed from the lair and, restored to human form, she resolves to confront Morgana herself. As Morgana uses her magic to force everyone to bow down to her, Melody manages to steal the trident. She quickly throws the trident to King Triton, and Morgana shoves her off the cliff, but she is saved by Tip and Dash. With the trident in his possession, King Triton encases Morgana in ice, and she sinks to the bottom of the sea, alive but trapped.


  • Morgana has eight tentacles, in contrast to her sister, who only has six.
  • Interestingly, Morgana shares the same voice actress as her sister.
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