Mother Gothel
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Mother Gothel




Use Rapunzel's magic hair to remain youthful forever


After Rapunzel's hair is cut, she ages rapidly, falls out of the tower and she crumbles to dust

Mother knows best.
~ Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is the main antagonist of Tangled. She is voiced by Donna Murphy.


Mother Gothel pretends to be Rapunzel's sweet mother but in truth, she is really manipulative, vain, arrogant, possessive, unpleasant and selfish.


Mother Gothel is a slender woman with pale skin, black curly hair and grayish-blue eyes. She wears a crimson red dress that shows her breast cleavage, a red belt around her waist, small pointy gold earrings, and brown high-heeled boots. But she is really an old woman with grayish-white hair and sagging skin.

Role in the filmEdit

As an elderly woman, Gothel witnessed a single drop of sunlight fall onto the Earth, creating a magical flower that had the ability to heal injuries and reduce aging. Upon discovering that she can become younger by singing to the flower, Gothel hordes the flower's magical abilities for herself to keep herself young and beautiful forever. Hundreds of years later, a kingdom is created nearby, during which the pregnant queen falls ill. To save her life, the kingdom retrieves the flower, which is made into a broth that cures the queen. However, this deprives Gothel of her magic flower. Shortly afterwards, the queen gives birth to an infant girl named Rapunzel, who possesses the same healing powers the flower possessed.

One night, Gothel breaks into the castle and discovers Rapunzel, where she learns that the flower's magical abilities are now contained in the girl's golden hair. Gothel attempts to steal a lock of the hair for herself, but it turns brown and the magic is destroyed. Out of desperate, Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her away in a tower, raising her as her daughter. Gothel forbids Rapunzel from leaving the tower, telling her that the world is a dangerous place. However, Rapunzel takes interest in the floating lanterns released everyday on her birthday, in truth set free by her real parents in hope that she would someday return to them.

Eighteen years later, as Rapunzel's birthday approaches, she asks Gothel if she could go out to see the floating lanterns, but Gothel refuses and orders Rapunzel never to ask to leave the tower again. As Gothel leaves, the tower is invaded by Flynn Rider, a wanted thief, and Rapunzel knocks him out and hides him in the closet. Gothel returns afterwards, and Rapunzel attempts to use her capture of Rider as proof that she can take care of herself, but Gothel once again turns her down, unaware of Rider's presence. Hurt, Rapunzel instead asks that Gothel take a three-day journey for paint as a birthday gift, which she accepts. 

On her journey, however, Gothel encounters the royal stead Maximus. Thinking a castle guard has found Rapunzel, Gothel panics and returns to the tower, where she finds Rapunzel missing. Discovering a wanted poster of Flynn Rider, Gothel takes a dagger and sets off to find Rapunzel. She soon comes across a local pub, where she discovers Rapunzel and Rider inside. While spying on them, Gothel overhears Rapunzel claiming that she left the tower on purpose. After following the two to the end of a secret tunnel, Gothel meets The Stabbington Brothers, who are seeking revenge on Rider for betraying them. She then makes a deal with the two in order to both get Rapunzel back and take revenge on Rider.

During the night, Gothel confronts Rapunzel and returns the stolen crown, challenging Rapunzel to give it to Rider and claiming that once he has it, he will leave her. The very next evening, as Rapunzel and Flynn are watching the floating lanterns, they are lured onto the shore by the Stabbington Brothers. Flynn returns the satchel and stolen crown to them, but the Stabbington Brothers knock him unconscious before attacking Rapunzel. However, Gothel double-crosses the brothers and knocks them out, rescuing Rapunzel. Tricking her into thinking Flynn had left her, Gothel successfully shatters Rapunzel's trust in him, and takes her back to the tower. Meanwhile, Flynn is arrested and sentenced to be executed.

Back at the tower, Rapunzel realizes that she is the lost princess, and angrily confronts Gothel for her lies. Rapunzel proclaims that she will never let Gothel use her hair again and prepares to leave, but an enraged Gothel retaliates, binding and gagging her. Shortly afterwards, Flynn escapes and returns to the tower, but is stabbed by Gothel upon entering. Gothel then attempts to forcibly take Rapunzel to a new hiding spot, but Rapunzel offers to go with her willingly if she is allowed to heal Flynn. Gothel accepts and unties Rapunzel. However, Flynn severs Rapunzel's hair with a broken mirror shard, destroying her healing power. With the healing power gone, Gothel instantly starts to rapidly age. In her panic, she trips and plummets out of the tower, transforming into dust before she hits the ground.


  • Despite her usual appearance, Mother Gothel is one of the oldest Disney Villains, having lived for hundreds of years.

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