In the year 3000, only three Orgs remained of the once great army that battled Animaria. Imprisoned in statues, they were stumbled upon by Ransik. When he learned that his cause-taking over the world-was the same as their own, he released them. They copied his DNA, combining the invulnerability of Mutants with their ancient Org powers. In exchange, they gave Ransik the power to pull weapons from his body. After Ransik's incarceration, the Mut-Orgs (who spoke their own language, which was actually English played in reverse) escaped into the past to seek out Master Org. After thoroughly trouncing the Wild Force Power Rangers several times, they find him. However, the Mut-Orgs are then met in battle by the combined Time Force/Wild Force team, as well as by Ransik. When they attempt to summon an energy blast, Ransik leaps in, taking the blast at point blank and causing it to wash back over the Mut-Orgs. As a result, their Mutant halves are destroyed, and their Org halves soon follow at the combined attacks of the Time Force Rangers and the Wild Force Rangers.

The Mut-Orgs' names are Takach, Kired, and Rofang. They were named for fans Jason Takach, Derik Smith, and Joe Rovang. They replace the Three Org Brothers from Gaoranger (Zeus Org, Poseidon Org, and Hades Org), since the latter's suits were destroyed in a fire before filming could take place. Instead, the three Mut-Orgs are made up of parts of various other monster costumes in repainted form and with horns added onto the heads:

  • Rofang - Head and right arm of Body Switcher, body of Darkliptor, sword of Cyborg Ecliptor, left shoulder armor of Strikning, and boots of Prince Gasket.
  • Takach - Head and boots of Strikning, body of Gatekeeper, left arm of unused Ohranger monster Bara Police, right arm of unused GoGoV monster Jeruda (referred to as "Abominus" in the Lightspeed Rescue video game), and weapons of Tire Org.
  • Kired - Body and head of Deviot's Keonta-Spell form, right hand of Beetleborgs Metallix monster Repgillian, wings of unused GoGoV monster Zairen (the inspiration for Mermatron in the Lightspeed Rescue video game who also briefly appears in an advanced form in "Sorcerer of the Sands"), and the boots of Radster.

Takach and Kired are voiced by David Lodge, and Rofang is voiced by Kim Strauss.

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